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Halo moxibustion

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 3:18:49 PM
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Halo Moxibustion is a rare adverse reaction to acupuncture. Mostly mild, but there are also symptoms of more serious cases. Attention should be given. The clinical manifestations, prevention and treatment of the law broadly in line with a similar halo pin.
     The mechanism of moxibustion on the halo, someone will be confused with the shock. In fact, the halo and the halo needle moxibustion is a kind of, like angiostatin syncope. It is due to a strong stimulus such as Acupuncture and Moxibustion, through the vagus nerve reflex, causing vascular bed (especially around the muscles) the expansion of peripheral vascular resistance decreased blood Rhodobryum roseum reduced, thereby reducing the heart's output, blood pressure, leading to temporary, extensive reduction in cerebral blood flow, while the hair of syncope.
     1. The reasons for
     With regard to the reasons for halo moxibustion, "Standard secluded Fu" has said: "hollow fear of confidence, upright lateral and multi-halo." The common person are the following.
     (1) The physical causes as the most important contributory factors. Physical weakness, mental too much tension, hunger, fatigue, particularly allergies, blood vessel nerve function unstable person. No obvious reason a lot of halo moxibustion who can often be found from physical causes.
     (2) to stimulate acupuncture points to stimulate the reasons too strong, and can cause halo moxibustion. The so-called too strong, because each is variable and difficult to measure comparison. In the types of stimuli in order to moxibustion more common.
     (3) position because in general, are sitting or standing moxibustion moxibustion halo-prone.
     (4) Environmental causes: environmental and climatic factors may also be prompted halo moxibustion, such as low air pressure of the hot season, the surgeries air quality and noise Xuanza so.

     2. Clinical manifestations are generally divided into the following three.
     Threatened period: head, all kinds of discomfort, upper abdominal, or general malaise, vertigo, tinnitus, palpitations, pale and cold sweats, yawning and so on. Some patients may be aura-free period.
     Attack: Light by dizziness, chest tightness. For nausea, vomiting, cold limbs become soft, shaking unstable, or with transient loss of consciousness. In severe cases, sudden loss of consciousness, faint flutter to the ground and a bluish-purple lips, sweating and looking pale, eyes on the turn, the second will be incontinence. May be accompanied by a small number of seizures.
     Late: After a timely manner after the resumption, the patient may have a significant fatigue, pale, lethargy and sweating. Only mild discomfort is mild.
     Most occurred in acupuncture moxibustion halo process, but there are a small number of patients to take a few minutes or even longer post-needle before symptoms, known as the delayed halo moxibustion, should pay particular attention.

     3. Precautionary approach as early as in the "Yellow Emperor", the have used a lot of halo pin is dedicated to the prevention of: "No thorns Come Drink With Me, so popular disorder; no thorns was furious, so that there is gas inverse; workers who Thornless No thorn new eat people, no barbed big hungry people, no barbed big thirsty people, Thornless amazing "(" Plain Questions ban on gill "). In fact it is suitable for halo moxibustion. Modern mainly from the psychological and physical for prevention.
     (1) Psychological prevention of major targeted suspicion, fear of persons, or acupuncture Kuxiao, screaming, shudder, to avoid muscle cramps. Accompanied by the pupil, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, skin temperature, complexion, sweating and other autonomic nervous system and endocrine function in persons. Can be pre-psychological prevention in order to avoid adverse reactions such as fear needles. Is divided into three methods:
     Language-induced: moxibustion before explaining patiently to acupuncture in patients with specific methods to illustrate the feeling of acupuncture may occur, extent and pathway to obtain the patient's confidence and cooperation.
     Relaxation training: A good quiet, depression, attention is easily focused, introverted patients, make it an object of a gaze, until their full access to the self-meditation (entry static) state, before a thorn moxibustion.
     To divert attention: the impatient, and love, attention, slack, outgoing personality of patients will enable patients to make some simple quick mental arithmetic, or make some minor problems, using its visual, auditory function and thinking activities, transfer its attention, the promotion of local tissue to relax.
     (2) physical prevention of hunger and patients, moxibustion should be appropriately before eating; fatigue, shall be ordered to break the fundamental physical recovery. In particular, there are faint halo moxibustion needle or a history, it is best to take lateral position, simplifying points, reducing the amount of stimulation.
     In moxibustion the process, once the patients have aura symptoms of halo moxibustion should be addressed immediately. After moxibustion treatment, preferably in the consulting room Zhu Huanzhe until after 5 ~ 10min break to leave to avoid delay halo moxibustion.

     4. Treatment
     (1) mild halo moxibustion moxibustion should be promptly stopped, the patient to the air flow at Rotary. Raise the legs, head lowered (without pillows), lying still a moment, you can. If patients are still feeling unwell, to give hot water or hot tea Beverage Service.
     (2), severe halo moxibustion moxibustion that stopped after the supine position, such as the urgency of the situation may be ordered directly Woyu on the floor. According to our many years of experience, such patients Baihui moxibustion has a good effect. Method is to use commercially available drugs moxa and ignited to make after the bird pecked at the 100-style warm moxibustion, not too close from the scalp, so as not to burn until the perception of recovery, the symptoms subside. If necessary, with the purposes of artificial respiration, injection tonic and acupuncture ditches, springs and so on.

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