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Fire moxibustion therapies of traditional Chinese medicine

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 3:21:25 PM
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Passing through the fire treatment is traditional Chinese medicine "fire moxibustion therapy", based on the combination of advanced western approach; use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, transdermal drug delivery, targeted drug delivery synthesis of precious Chinese medicine theory arising from a new type of health and wellness facilities. Traditional fire moxibustion therapy in more than 300 indications, passing through the fire treatment and Technology has selected a number of significant effect, targeted and easy operation carried out several research and development, primarily adapted to: cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, psoas strain, arthritis, stomach pain, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea; due to kidney deficiency caused by Yaoxisuanruan, insomnia and dreaminess, and sweating; passing through the more traditional method of thermal treatment technology is characterized by: more targeted, the process easier curative effect is more prominent, permeability stronger, without any side effects. Therefore, the establishment of a treatment to pass through the fire, and has never concerned about the community and recognition.

Fire Infirmary Health through the fire burning in the form of the body to achieve weight loss, partial body sculpting, health infirmary five elements, a strong body device dirty, physical illnesses and a new method. It masseur by point, pushing, kneading, rotation, pull and other technical movements and make drug treatment and deposited the fire, so to accelerate the blood circulation, increase metabolism, so that the effective conversion of fat, decomposition and enhance the role of the body device dirty. The project includes Yang Shen thermal treatment, thermal treatment and stomach, ovarian maintenance of the fire treatment, open back fire treatment, hand-foot-fire treatment and other projects.

Fire convalescent health Effects: weight loss, Qu-han, resolve fatigue, to relieve Suanzhang waist, shoulders vertebral spondylitis, spondylitis, dizziness, brain swelling, insomnia, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, Wei Han, bloating, detox Yang Yan, rheumatic pain, dysmenorrhea, Gong cold, cold symptoms such as Palace is very effective. Ill treatment, disease-free and physical.

The human face of the 21st century, changes in disease spectrum, sub-health state of the rapid increase in population, self-enhancement of disease prevention and health awareness, to find a reliable and effective, the process easily, application security, methods, and easy control of the law is being gradually attracted people's attention .

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