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Facial Acupuncture Weight Loss

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 4:40:17 PM
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Acupuncture for slimming face

Acupuncture on face can remove tiredness and puffy of face and recover energy, through stimulate acupoints of face and ears.

The classification and principle of facial acupuncture and moxibustion, that is use needle prick and moxibustion, tonify entrails, detumescence and eliminating stagnation, regulating Qi-blood, through lessen and eliminate physiology and pathology affection which influence appearance, so that to enhance the body, prolong life and nourish face.

Zanzhu------ Relieve tiredness and swollen of eyes. It is under introcession of eyebrows. Tiredness and headache are all cause swollen of ambient eyes. This acupoint can relieve unsuitable.

Baihui---- It can prevent excessive food and drink, constipation. Along two ear hole move upward and connect the top of head line, that is Baihui. It can stabilize mind and prevent excessive food and drink.
Taiyang----- Eliminate tiredness and swollen of eyes. It is on the two sides of eyes and eyebrows. This acupoint can improve metabolism.
Chengqi------ Loose of ophthalmus. It is below eyeball, near eye bone. The person who suffer gastroptosis, it is easy loose ophthalmus. So it can improving function of stomach and preventing loose ophthalmus.

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