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Chinese medicine and acupuncture combined treatment of insomnia

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 4:46:48 PM
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Insomnia is a common disease of TCM brain. As early as two thousand years ago, there is a China ancient books "via" this disease is called insomnia or insomnia. Thus, Chinese medicine is the first to recognize the insomnia.

The cause of insomnia

The ancient Chinese medicine that cause insomnia due to spleen injury thought, spleen blood loss, insomnia for years. We can see that a man's blood deficiency such as blood loss, illness, aging and weakness often malnutrition and anemia is the main cause of insomnia. Also known as stomach discord and insomnia, indicating improper diet, indigestion, stomach damage, can also cause insomnia.

Modern medicine to the cause of insomnia is mainly divided into four categories

1, physical reasons, such as pain, cough, cure itch, heart or lung original asthma, gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea and other, often can cause insomnia.

2 and physiological reasons: due to changes in work and life, such as ride, night and drinking tea, coffee and other, produces insomnia;

3, mental factors: excitement and anxiety can cause insomnia;

4 reasons: many drugs, drugs such as caffeine, ephedrine, isoproterenol, can cause insomnia.

Insomnia treatment of Chinese and Western Medicine

In treatment, western medicine in the treatment of primary disease, the main use of hypnotic treatment, but long-term use of sleeping pills will produce drug dependence, and it is only a temporary solution treatment.

In traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the treatment of the disease, mainly by the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment.

The application of traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia has two thousand years of clinical experience, application of the prescription too numerous to count. Hereby introduce a recipe for a Chinese Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of insomnia, the Yangxin tranquilize the nerves and its clinical curative effect observation as a total of treatment of insomnia in 40 cases, the results were completely cured 34 cases, improvement in 6 cases.

The composition of the prescription is as follows:

1 two 1 two Caulis Albizia

Mulberry 5 xuchangqing 5 money money

Suanzaoren 5 Bai Ziren 5 money money

5 yuan to 2 yuan, the money

In the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion, after years of clinical experience, the combined with acupoint in the treatment of insomnia has significant efficacy, acupuncture treatment of the day. On the night of sleep such as the baby sleep well. The treatment of insomnia with point distribution in the five parts of the body, such as the head of the sleep three needle, ear nerves of four points. Hand sleep four points, the neck of the sleeping points and the foot of the sleep two pin, etc..

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