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Acupunture,Inability to Ejaculate

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 08,2009, 4:39:09 PM
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The main points used were divided into two groups. Group #1 consisted of Shen Ting (GV 24), Bai Hui (GV 20), Qi Hai (CV 6), Guan Yuan (CV 4), Zhong Ji (CV 3), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34), and Tai Chong (Liv 3). Group #2 consisted of Da Zhui (GV 14), Shen Shu (Bl 23), Ci Liao (Bl 32 ), and San Yin Jiao (Sp 6). Supplemental points consisted of Shui Dao (St 28), Gui Lai (St 29), and Hui Yin (CV 1). Electrodes were attached to either Guan Yuan or Qi Hai and Zhong Ji or Shen Shu and Ci Liao depending upon which group of points were selected. The two main groups of points were alternated each treatment. Electric stimulation was given via the WQ-10C machine at 60 cycles per minute. Needles were left in place from 24-30 minutes per treatment. One treatment was given per day and 10 treatments constituted one complete course of therapy. None of the patients was treated for more than three such courses of therapy.

This clinical audit describes the treatment of 46 cases of inability to ejaculate by electro-acupuncture. The ages of the 46 men ranged from 19-38 years old. The duration of their disease ranged from 1-13 years. Forty-four of the patients suffered from primary onset inability to ejaculate, while two suffered from secondary onset inability to ejaculate.

Cure meant that the patient was able to ejaculate and, in some cases, was able to father a child. Lack of cure meant that after one month of treatment, the patient was still not able to ejaculate. Of the 42 patients suffering from primary onset inability to ejaculate, 39 or 92.9% were cured and three or 7.1% were not cured. Of the two patients with secondary onset inability to ejaculate, one was cured and one was not. And, of the two patients with counterflow ejaculation (into their bladders), both were cured. This resulted in a 91.3% cure rate with an 8.7% failure rate.

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