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Acupuncture treatment of freckles

Updated: Saturday, Apr 18,2009, 2:24:02 PM
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Summer freckles name plaque, its clinical manifestations of the needle to the size of lentils brown or dark brown spots, was in intensive or casual-like, clear state. In multiple face, neck, and is commonly found in young girls after puberty, hence thtcmwell.com

Summer freckles name plaque, its clinical manifestations of the needle to the size of lentils brown or dark brown spots, was in intensive or casual-like, clear state. In multiple face, neck, and is commonly found in young girls after puberty, hence th...

Acupuncture treatment of freckles



 Summer freckles name plaque, its clinical manifestations of the needle to the size of lentils brown or dark brown spots, was in intensive or casual-like, clear state. In multiple face, neck, and is commonly found in young girls after puberty, hence the impact of beauty as the main one of the symptoms. Unknown etiology of the disease may be autosomal dominant. The use of modern Western medicine detreated, corrosion, such as law, efficacy is not satisfactory. 

 Chinese medicine also known as "freckles" in order to have a face like sesame seeds in bulk, such as bird eggs and naming of color, also known as "black dough dry town." First seen in "designate the source of all": "people on the dough, or like a bird Ma, or if the color of bird eggs are also. This skin injury by the wind, phlegm stains in the viscera, so students" black dough dry town " . 

 Acupuncture treatment of this disease is a matter for the past 20 years. Methods currently used by almost all fire-needle method, remove plaque, but the needle used and different methods of burning. Freckles was born as a result of the face, the site is quite superficial lesions, the operation of the needle and require more stringent methods. Scalp with the general level in order to prevent too sharp thorn injury of dermis. Slow and light the way to stress the branded iron. There are more than 90% efficiency. In addition, the application of ear acupuncture method, there are some success. 

 - Electric needle -- 

 Common point: the Arab-Israeli is the point. 

 Arab-Israeli position is the point: that is, freckle lesions District Office (the same below). 


 DRI-1 Application of the needle-type electric machine (for the Inner Mongolian Institute of Manufacturing). Random first to bring a special barbed needle to reform, increase the needle size, so as a diameter of 0.8 ~ 1mm scalp with the flat, needle connected to the output line equipment. Equipment operation in accordance with the first pin to start electric machine warm-up, so that means the meter pointer to 110 ~ 140mA. And then point the needle at the lesion, so that burns, skin lesions of the Organization in accordance with the decision of the thickness and the depth of the needle into the needle to stay a short time, the general can only prick. Department lesions should be small blisters, crusted, 7 ~ 10 days after the scab to fall off without leaving any scars. Individual lesions deeper, one has not been fully dissipated may intensify in the second due to a number of current treatment. 



 (1) This Law has a good effect, subject to a special needle, the needle is currently no commercial electric products. 

 (2) electric needle, in addition to the attention of the medical needle grasp of temperature, operating practices and the choice of needle, the patient should also actively cooperate with the

 - Fire-pin -- 

 Common point: the Arab-Israeli is the point 


 Depending on the depth of pigment freckle spots, spot size, were selected coarse, medium and small models of the three-pin flat fire. Freckles as big flat with its rough fire needle, small freckle-ping with the first fire-fine needle, than with its level in the first fire needle. Needle before boiling loose hemp or other epidermal local anesthesia drugs, the Ministry of lesions to local anesthesia. The needle in alcohol and then the hot lights, barbed at the freckle-speed, off-white scab spots accompli. Fire temperature needle size according to age, skin flexibility channun. Children freckle treatment temperature is slightly lower than adults, and treatment of senile freckles than skin temperature of the dark but also higher than the middle-aged and young. Acupuncture, and deep color intensity should be large, the speed should be slow prick; Light intensity should be small, prick the speed should be faster. Had about two weeks after the scab fell off. After a week off the skin may become pink, but can be converted to normal after a week, do not leave any good sites. Treatment: freckle condition at mild, moderate and severe in three. Light from Light scattered, such as sesame grains, and generally to the treatment of 1; moderate plaque yellow, black, brown and other color, concentrated in the nose, face density is not required to rule 2 or 3 times; severe freckles, spots of various sizes, almost covered with normal skin and feasible at times (that is, many times) in batches (that is, a big thorn first, following the small and medium-sized spots gill) treatment. Where fire-needle treatment, told the scab fell off 20 ~ 30 days after the re-review of individual re-fill those left behind barbed. 


 (1) of this Act as an effective method used, if the conditions of cocoa as the preferred method.

(2) fire needle treatment, the lesion or blister, or scab node to skin should be protected, to fall off on its own. Do not wash your face when you were a towel wipe, and it can not scratch with fingernails dug in order to avoid a scar left behind. Practice in the treatment of authors found that most patients with superficial lesions leave the Department of tracks, and catch more of the skin callus. Be sure to tell patients this. In addition, after the scab off of individual patients, there are more obvious partial pigmentation, usually in 1 to 3 months or so will go away. Fire needle treatment, a small number of patients within six months may be symptoms of relapse, further treatment can be effective. 

 - Wen-pin -- 

 Common point: the Arab-Israeli is the point. 


 Using a special needle: quality of molybdenum metal, each pin of the pin diameter is equivalent to 28 mm needle, the needle handle 8 cm long, 1 cm long needle, the system will be formed around the three-pin. The needle has a high temperature, the toughness, not annealed, it is not easy to break and so on. 

 Acupuncture is as follows: the patients lying in bed, face on. Cave in Afghanistan is for conventional disinfection. Wen-pin will be placed in the hot lights of alcohol to warm for the degree of the needle, and then quickly and accurately localized lesions blanch scratch in order to better freckles disappeared. According to the number of patients with facial freckles, size, phased treatment, it normally takes 2 ~ 3 times in 3 to 4 days interval. Alexa scratch after freckle scar, about 7 to 10 days off naturally. 


 (1) operation, must be even harder to break skin blanching scratch most times, not so that the needle prick overheated or too deep. 

 (2) should be maintained during the treatment of local wound cleansing, disable catch to prevent infection.

 - Electro-acupuncture -- 

 Common points: Ying Xiang, Yintang, the Court of God. 

 Stand-point: HeGu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao. 


 Check points are used, back-up point. 1.5-inch, 28 ~ 30 mm needles into acupuncture points on the face, body and skin-pin 30 ° angle piercing, after a gas fill-Ping Xie Spinner practices, and then connected to electro-acupuncture device, using density-wave, frequency 18 ~ 22 times / hours of electricity for patient comfort and can be gradually increased each time the treatment of 30min, the next day 1, 10 times as a course of treatment, treatment interval from 3 to 7 days. 


 (1) of this Act in order to face the main temple, the more secure method is simple without special needle. 

 (2) observed fewer cases, efficacy is still uncertain. 

 - Ear -- 

 Common points: cheek, Shenmen, endocrine. 

 Stand-points: the nose, kidney, lung. 


 Commonly used access points only, such as the effect does not significantly increase the reserve point. 2 to 3 per-selection point, both are taken. Pushpin-shaped pin to push in the green-sensitive point of piercing, plastic sheets fixed with a small box, press 1 ~ 2min, to ear flushing, fever. Daily self-compression in patients with 1 or 2 times. Every 3 to 5 for paste 1, 5 times for a course of treatment. 


 (1) buried ear hole of law, easier to grasp, but the effect of what remains to be more to prove in practice. This is for reference only. 

 (2) of this Act to the attention of strict disinfection.

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