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Acupuncture in the treatment of fatty liver effect is good

Updated: Wednesday, Aug 27,2014, 2:57:05 PM
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Fatty liver is essentially a disorder of lipid metabolism, multi factor, multi link, not only reflected in the level of blood circulation, is also reflected in the tissue, cell and molecular levels, with particular attention to the lipid peroxidation and inflammation and fibrosis, people trying to find drug intervention, unfortunately, so far there is no satisfactory clinical medicine the. Now the treatment of fatty liver by diet and oral a variety of Chinese and Western medicine, some drugs are only suitable for a type of fatty liver, lipid lowering drugs widely used may make it more concentrated in the liver lipid metabolism, promote lipid storage and further damage the liver function. Our department since the beginning of 2002 the liver Xiaozhi ointment for the treatment of indirect moxibustion with satisfactory results.

Fatty liver is not an independent disease, hepatic steatosis but caused by various diseases and causes.

The most common reason for obesity, diabetes, alcoholism; followed by malnutrition, drug poisoning, pregnancy, heredity. The pathogenesis of fatty liver is still not completely clear, is generally believed that the synthesis of glycerin three fat liver cells (TG) and the secretion of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) between the imbalance is the main reason for the formation of fatty liver, and this imbalance is due to increased synthesis or oxidation of fatty liver caused by reduced. Traditional Chinese medicine has broad prospects in the prevention and cure of the disease. Medicine orally but now the treatment is limited to the diet and all, and now the medicine or the effect is not sure, or effective but side effect is big, the liver function was damaged on the basis of liver function injury.

Motherland medicine thinks this disease because too Feigan thick greasy, wanton drinking. The main responsibility in the spleen two dirty, its causes can be summarized as catharsis liver failure, liver blood stasis stagnation, spleen dampness, phlegm, not wet endogenous. Therefore, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and relieving the depressed liver, spleen dampness and resolve phlegm can be used as the principle of treatment of this disease, and liver Xiaozhi ointment can achieve this purpose. Soft liver Xiaozhi ointment indirect moxibustion moxibustion, drugs for fusion integrated, simple operation, no pain, no side effect, is a kind of green therapy, with Qi and blood, liver and gallbladder, spleen dampness heat effect. The treatment of fatty liver with it, can dredge liver qi, promoting the transformation and excretion of hepatic fat, regulating fat metabolism, improve liver cell steatosis, enhance liver function, so as to achieve the purpose of elimination of fat in the liver.

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