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Acupucture & Moxibustion for Common Diseases

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:36:48 PM
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The Lung Channel of Hand Taiyin originates in the middle warmer, the portion between the diaphragm and the umbilicus of the body cavity, running downwards to communicate with the large intestine. Turning back, it goes along the orifices of the stomach (the pylorus and cardia), then upwards through the diaphragm into its pertaining organ, the lung. From the pulmonary series (including the trachea, throat, etc. ),it comes transversely to thearmpit(out of Point Zhongfu, LU1).

Acupucture & Moxibustion for Common Diseases

It then descends along the medial aspect of the upper arm, and passes in tront on the Heart Channel of HandShaoyin and the Pericardium Channel of Hand-Jueyin, down to the middle portion of the elbow. From there it runs along the anterior border of the radius on the medial aspect of the forearm and goes into Cunkou, the place on the wrist over the radial arrery where the pulse is felt. Then it arrives at the thenar, runs along its border and emerges from the medial side of the tip of the thumb (Point Shaoshang, LU1l).
The branch of the channel runs directly from the proximal aspect of thewrist (Point Lieque,LU7) into the radial side of the tip of the index (PointShanhang, LU11), in which it connects with the Large Intestine Channel of HandYangming.

Location:On the radial side of the distal segment of the thumb,0.1 cun from the corner of the nail.
Indications:Sore-throat,cough with dyspnea,epistaxis,fever,coma,manic-depressive psychosis,contraction of the thumb.
Method: Puncture 0.1 inch, or prick the point to cause bleeding.
Regional anatomy
Vasculature: The arterial and venous network formed by the palmar digital
proprial artery and veins.
Innervation: The terminal nerve network formed by the mixed branches of
the lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve and the superficial ramus of the radial
nerve as well as the palmar digital proprial nerve of the median nerve.

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