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Abdominal acupuncture needle techniques

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 2:54:37 PM
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一, the choice of needle

     In order to avoid the occurrence of accidental needle, easy to control the depth of the needle, abdominal needle commonly used for each patient using a uniform length of needles for medical treatment. In general, the size large or high body fat, short people, thick layer of abdominal fat, short needles and sometimes the depth of reach and giving of treatment, the general choice of 60 mm length of the needle treatment. While the moderately obese and normal size people, the abdominal wall fat layer is moderate, generally use the 50 mm length of the needle treatment. Slim body of the people, the abdominal wall fat, thin, easily piercing the abdominal wall layers. Generally use the shorter - some, such as 40 mm length of the needle treatment. In this way, not only the clock can be applied to patients with handy, but also into the needle in the patient's pain, reduce thatch and to make the depth of the needle is well controlled.

二, the depth of the needle

     Abdominal wall layers thick, acupuncture, and to a lesser extent, when the pain is not only easy to facilities operation. As the local anatomy of the abdominal wall layering different, therefore, the impact of the peripheral system has been noticeably different, often the same set of points can be based on different depth of the needle can treat many diseases. Therefore, when the abdominal needle into the needle depth is divided into heaven, earth, people 3. The general course of the disease or its evil in the table shorter disease. Department of Acupuncture days (ie, shallow stab); course of the disease may be long, less than organs or the evil inside the disease in the Cou. Acupuncture Department (ie stab); course is longer, involving organs or their evil disease in the years to the Ministry of acupuncture (ie, deep thorn). However, when there are exceptions in the use of, such as back pain, although a short course of the disease and often easier for a needle in the Department received immediate results.因此. In clinical application should be flexible.

三, acupuncture techniques

     Needle into the abdomen when the first should avoid pores, blood vessels, they then surgery should be light, slow. As I arrived into account the depth of the needle when - not to mention the general use of only Twist Twist insert or light, slow to mention the way the plug, so that intra-abdominal omentum have enough free time to avoid the needle body, in order to avoid thorn visceral injury. Shi surgery has generally adopted a three laws, namely, waiting gas line gas, gas practices reminders. Into the needle, the stay 3-5 minutes of waiting that gas ,3-5 minutes and then twisting to make local produce needles feeling that trip gas; 5 minutes and then every other row pin a second booster shot to make sense of the surrounding or far Department of reminders that the proliferation of gas; to stay for 30 minutes as needle acupuncture.

     Abdominal needle reinforcing-reducing method according to the strength of stimulation, depending on weak stimulation To complement the strong stimulation of diarrhea. Due to chronic abdominal needle for multiple indications, while the chronic disease has been ill is true, so abdominal needle more than make up less diarrhea. Shi reinforcing method used methods, inter alia, multi-impose moxibustion, moxibustion when top-down points for each temperature of acupuncture moxibustion, moxibustion frame can also be placed on Shenque point to strengthen their yuan-yang, warm the meridians, so that The effect of abdominal acupuncture can be improved.

四, commonly used in acupuncture

     Abdominal needle, often after acupuncture can quickly relieve the symptoms of the disease, and relieve the symptoms of the main points with a well-founded when the relevance of the hole based on the triangle to expand application of needles, Samsung, France, plum thorn as diverse as acupuncture to enhance the therapeutic effect of the main points, so belly of acupuncture can not only greatly increased but easy to remember, in order to obtain better clinical effects.

     (A) triangular needle acupuncture is based on the main points of triangle vertices up or down from 3-5 points each, respectively, and then stab two needles to three needles form a isosceles or an equilateral triangle of acupuncture methods. This stitch is suitable for more limited disease symptoms. Such as knee pain, local joint pain. The distance between the needle and needle the size of the area by the disease to be far and wide.

     (B) Samsung Samsung France France is the main basis points to down, left or radioactive Shenque was arranged, the main points from 3-5 points, respectively, each stab a needle, forming a parallel array of acupuncture methods. This stitch is suitable for ribbon or strip showed symptoms of disease. Such as sciatica and so on. The distance between the needle and the needle position by the length of the illness.

     (C) The Plum Plum stab stab is the main hole as the center, left and right and down from 3-5 hours each stab a needle, a total of five-pin to pin the plum flower pattern formation method of acupuncture. This stitch is suitable for heavier and longer course of illness of patients, can also be used poor efficacy of Samsung's law, so that the intensity of treatment increased.

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