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AIDS infection by acupuncture?

Updated: Wednesday, Aug 27,2014, 3:20:40 PM
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Some people think that, acupuncture into the human body can easily spread of AIDS, so very afraid even refused to use this therapy. Actually this kind of worry is unnecessary. Because acupuncture itself and no side effects, also won't spread aids. As long as the cut off virus transmission, can prevent infection.

Now the acupuncture needle many is a separate package, is a one-time use. If not disposable needle, the doctor when in use also pays great attention to disinfection treatment, such as the use of disinfectant liquid and efficient, or high-temperature cooking, probability of these measures will greatly reduce cross infection.

In fact, as long as not needle stains the virus into your body, generally will not infected with HIV exposure, one died in the air. And. Acupuncture needle if not disposable. Before each use will be disinfected.

Acupuncture is an invasive procedure, repeated use can cause the spread of germs, cause cross infection, the disinfection process and not 100% to ensure the safety of. Despite the current domestic lack of statistical data of acupuncture and moxibustion spread disease, but some relevant data abroad show, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases can be spread by acupuncture.

Generally speaking, as long as strict disinfection, not reused needles, generally will not cause the spread of germs, cause cross infection, in this case, AIDS is not transmitted by acupuncture.

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