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7 points of attention in acupuncture

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 4:43:31 PM
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1, too tired, the spirit of high tension, hunger is not appropriate acupuncture; old body acupuncture should try to take a lie, take appropriate acupuncture points less, hand appropriate light.

2, pregnant women acupuncture should not be too fierce, abdomen, lumbosacral and can cause uterine contractions of the points, such as acupuncture is prohibited by the Hegu and Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, to Yin.

3 children, because they do not meet the general, no needle. Fonticulus Fengfu, and yamen no infant needle.

4, there are patients with hemorrhagic disease, or often have spontaneous bleeding, the injury is not easy to stop bleeding, not acupuncture.

5, skin infection, ulcer, scar and tumor site no acupuncture.

6, eye area, chest and back, the kidney area, Department, gastric ulcer, intestinal adhesion, intestinal obstruction in patients with abdominal, patients with retention of urine of symphysis pubis area of acupuncture should grasp the depth and the angle of, disable piercing, prevent accidental injury of important organs.

7, acupuncture of certain diseases does have excellent curative effect, but is not a panacea, especially in the treatment of some acute illness, should be in a timely manner in accordance with the comprehensive treatment, can be more conducive to the patient, give full play to the role of acupuncture and moxibustion.

In short, in the course of the treatment, the medical treatment of patients with serious and responsible, serious, focused, etc. are important part of the prevention of accidents.

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