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Small Intestine Meridian

Updated: Thursday, Mar 26,2009, 3:31:15 PM
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The branch from the cheek runs upward to the infraobital region and further to the lateral side of the nose, then it reaches the inner canthus.

The Chapter "Discussion on the Meridians" in Miraculous Pivot says: The Small Intestine Meridian starts from the ulnar side of the tip of the little finger. Following the ulnar side of the dorsum of the hand, it reaches the wrist. Then it goes out from the styloid process of the ulna, ascends along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the forearm, passes between the olecranon of the ulna and the medial epicondyle of the humerus and runs along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the upper arm to the shoulder joint. Circling around the scapular region, it meets the ruperior aspect of the shoulder, then turns downward to the supraclavicular fossa. It connects with the heart. From there, then it descends alon gthe exophagus, passes through the diaphragm, reaches the stomach and enters the small intestine, its pertaining organ.

 The branch from the supraclavicular fossa ascends along the neck to the cheek, reaches the outer canthus and enters the ear.


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