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Senior person should not eat anything before sleeping

Updated: Thursday, Apr 04,2013, 3:53:55 PM
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1. The senior person should not eat foods before sleeping: If he eat foods, the body organism activity would slow or on the sleeping condition after he is sleeping and intestine and stomach are busy in the night, it will aggravate its burden, another part of the body would not get better rest, it is not only affect his sleeping, also damage his health.

2. The senior person should not use too much mind or think too much before sleeping: If he has study and work habit at night, he should finish nerve-racking things, then do lightening thing let his mind relax before sleeping. Otherwise, his mind would stay at emotional state, so he would hard to sleep at night or easy suffer insomnia after many times like this.

3. The senior person should not agitate before sleeping: because his pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy are easy to excite and disorder the nerve center and hard to sleep, so that it would cause insomnia. Therefore, the senior person should not be too excited, rage, sorrow and angry, he should let his emotion stability.

4. The senior person should not speak too much before sleeping: because speak would let the cerebrum excited, though activate so that it would affect the senior person’s sleep.

5. The senior person should not drink strong tea and coffee before sleeping, because strong tea and coffee are all belonging to stimulating beverages, which contain caffeine that would let the person’s mind stay at excited states. It is easy to cause difficulty falling asleep if he drinks strong tea and coffee before sleeping.

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