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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 15,2009, 11:49:58 AM
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Doctors of the West at the Mayo Clinic, psoriasis occurs when T cells attack the skin cells healthy. In response, white blood cells and immature cells congregate at the surface of the skin, causing visible effects. The factors that cause this disease are still unclear, but researchers believe that there are genetic and environmental links.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that affects 5.8 million to 7.5 million Americans. It is characterized by inflamed, scaly red plaques that itch and hurt. These unsightly marks appear most often on knees, elbows, legs, lower back, palms, feet, scalp, and even the face. In rare cases, patients observe patches on their inner lips, nails and genitalia. The visible symptoms usually go through cycles of several weeks to several months, consisting of periods of remission followed by "relapses" when symptoms worsen. About 1 million people with psoriasis also suffer from a common form of arthritis that develops at the same time.

Often, patients with psoriasis were divided into six different categories: Heat in the blood, blood-type drought, the blood stasis type, locking handle by Type Wind Humidity, heat and toxic Dampness Type and excessive fire -Toxin Type. To clear the blood of his illness, different combinations of Chinese herbs are prescribed, as well as adjustments in lifestyle.

Is doctors practicing traditional Chinese medicine say that diet and lifestyle are guilty of perpetuating the great psoriasis. According to Dr. Zi Qiang Zhu, "In
traditional Chinese medicine, psoriasis is considered to be due to invasion of pathogenic wind brewing in the yin and blood, or accumulation and stagnation of qi and blood caused by emotional distress. These in turn heat and wind and heat control in the skin. Psoriasis May be caused by a deficiency of liver and kidney or a discrepancy between the penetrating (Chong) and Conception (Ren) vessels, between the yin and blood, or between the yin and yang in zangfu.

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