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Losing Weight Through Hypnosis

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2009, 5:05:20 PM
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Hypnosis weight loss programs have now been proven over the past few decades to be an effective way to lose weight and relax. Losing weight through the use of hypnosis is the only way to get in touch with the inner part of you that is invariably struggling with weight issues. Hypnosis weight loss works by subconsciously influencing you to choose healthier foods.


The number one reason people overeat is for emotional reasons and the number one emotion is stress. The antidote to stress can't be purchased; it must be learned. It is relaxation and there is no better way to learn relaxation than through hypnosis.

Before deciding whether hypnosis weight loss really works, let's have a look at what happens when you choose to use hypnosis: The suggestions implanted subconsciously during your hypnosis weight loss session will be acted on by your subconscious mind, that's the beauty of a hypnosis weight loss program.

Hypnosis teaches you to enjoy the foods you can eat, and not to feel deprived from the foods you should avoid. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis amplify your response to sound medical counseling. Another great benefit of using hypnosis to lose weight is that Utilizing Hypnosis for Weight Loss can keep you safe from the unwanted effects of various weight loss potions, pills and creams. Hypnosis is an all natural way to reduce stress aiding in the weight loss program.

There are a few options when choosing to utilize hypnosis during your weight loss program. You can hire a professional hypnotist and go to a series of live sessions. These work fantastically and many times you can book a group of appointments in a package deal. Another route to take is the use of a recorded audio program on CD, Mp3 or Cassette Tape. This is a very cost effective way of using hypnosis as well as very convenient. Most audio programs will cost you in the neighborhood of $20 - $40 while the live hypnosis sessions will average $100 per visit.


Weight loss through hypnosis can be successful where other things may have failed. Weight loss hypnosis tends to work by helping people overcome their cravings or appetite, rather than their actual need to eat. Hypnosis impacts weight loss dealing with the behaviors associated with weight gain, such as over-eating, eating high calorie foods, binge eating, etc.

Hypnosis being used as a beneficial tool in weight loss has been recently featured on DATELINE TV. Dateline stated that "Hypnosis is one of the most successful and beneficial methods of losing weight".


Eating right will become the normal way of life for you. Eating in ineffective ways, too much snacking, and overeating are unintentional mistakes that we all make when we're stressed, bored, lonely or unhappy. Eating properly will become automatic, and your weight-loss experience enjoyable. We all see commercial weight loss programs advertised on television and hear the ads on radio. The main issue with using these programs by themselves is; they cannot address the long term problem of ingrained eating habits! Unless you change your mind about the way you eat, losing weight and keeping it off is going to be a difficult accomplishment. For you, your learned eating habits have become a way of life and much like trying to stop a speeding train, changing that habit can be extremely difficult. The truth you may not want to admit is that until the old habits of eating are changed the weight will continue to come back. It is a scientific fact that it takes us 21 days to change a habit. With repetition, hypnotic suggestions reach deeply into our subconscious minds to reprogram those old eating habits so that soon they become a healthier way of life.


Hypnosis can't cure cancer, get you money, or make you lose weight; however, it can strengthen your willpower, and fortify resolve to lose weight. With all the expensive weight loss remedies on the market why wouldn't you try the most natural, and inexpensive way of losing weight?

Give hypnosis a try.

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