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Flora of Tibetan Materia Medica(B)

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 28,2009, 10:49:55 PM
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By analyzing the flora of 593 kinds of plants, 43 genera have worldwide distribution, such as Ranunculas, Clematis, Anemone, Gentiana, Astragalus, Rumex,
Erigeron, Bidens, Rhamnus, 73 genera are tropical distribution, including Piper, Loranthus, Zanthoxylum, Cinnamomum, Drosera, Acanthopanax, Aral Euonymus and 122 genera are found in the northern temperate zone, including Saussurea, Rhododendron, Lonicera, Picea, Ptericularis, Berberis, Aconitum, Thalictrum Oxytropis and 72 genera are oriental flora, including Chaenomeles, Actinidia Coelopleuram and 35 genera are intermittent north temperate flora south, including ephedra, Daphne,

Melandrium Arenaria and 60 genera are China and the Himalayan flora, including Platycladus, Soroseris, Cremantlodium, Eriophyton, September Narclostachys genres are mid-Asian plants, including cannabis, Lepedeium, Paraquilegia and 52 genres Sibiraea are old continental temperate flora including Ligularia, Meconopsis, Hippophae, and Myricaria Pleurospermum, 16 are types mid-Asian/Himalayan flora, including Thermopsis Incarvillea and more than 10 genera are Mediterranean / Mid-Asian flora, including Hypercoum, Peganum, and Torularia.

Furthermore, four generations are specific to the platform, including Przewalskia, Pomatasace, Stracheya and Microgynoecium, 16 genera are rare or even genres, including Scopolia Ercophyton, Stella, lancea, Lamiophlomis and Bieersteima, are 15 kinds of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau centralized distribution, including Rheum, Mecopnosis, Soroseris, Cremanthodium, Phyllophyton, Caragana and Astragalus, 86 species are specific to this board, such as Rhododendron Anthopogonoides, Qinghaiensis Rhododendron, Rhododendron Dabanshanense, Przewalskia tangutica, Anisodus Tanguticlis, Geutiana Urnula and Rheum Apiciformes.

For a general analysis done on the flora, genera and species of the plate are not many, which shows that the flora of the Plateau is a young age because there was not enough time for assessment and specification of neighboring flora develop Tibetan medicine

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