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Flora of Tibetan Materia Medica(A)

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 28,2009, 10:46:51 PM
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Analysis in terms of families and genera, there are 12 families with more than 40 species each. Among them, Compositae ranks first, with 54 genera and 214 species, followed by Ranunculaceae, 18 genera and 135 species and Leguminsae, 43 genera and 108 species.

The next in order are Rosaceae, 27 genera and 111 species; Labiaceae, 27 genera and 78 species; Papaveraceae, seven genera and 74 species; Scrophulaceae, 10 genera and 70 species; Berberiaceae, seven genera and 60 species, Umbelliferae, 28 genera and 55 species; Gentianaceae, nine genera and 55 species; Polygonaceae, five genera and 53 species, Cruciferae, 20 genera and 44 species; Saxifragaceae, nine genera and 41 species. Although the species of some families have limited distribution, such as the Solanaceae, Crussulaceae, Ephedraceae, they are also used as medicine in the Tibetan medicine.

Analysis in terms of gender, there are 19 types each covering more than 15 species. Among them, the breakdown is given below:
                    Genus Species
                    Corydalis                  50
                    Saussurea                     37
                    Ptericularis                     32
                    Berberis                              32
                    Polygonum                    28
                    Gentiana                       27
                    Saxifraga                     32
                    Aconitum                                27
                    Rheum                                   21
                    Clematis                            18
                    Thalictrum                       18
                    Rhododendron                                17
                    Allium                       23
                    Swertia                 17
                    Lagotis                 16
                    Rhodiola                    15
                    Rubus           15

When comparing with that of the old classic Shel gong shel phreng, which includes 836 species (2293 kinds of medicine), now there are 2085 species (some reports have 2600 species), so that species have been very wide, opening the second and third level of exploitation

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