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Acupuncture: The Twelve Divergent Meridians

Updated: Thursday, Mar 26,2009, 3:08:39 PM
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 The Twelve Divergent Meridians are the branches which derive from,enter, leave and join the Twelve Regular Meridians which, in turn, reach the deeper parts of the body through these branches.

  Most of the Twelve Divergent Meridians derive from the Regular Meridians at the upper and Lower regions of the elbows and knees and then enter the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The Divergent Meridians of the Yang meridian enter the thoracic and abdominal cavities where they link with Zang-Fu organs to which they pertain, then they emerge to the body superficies at the head and the neck. The Yang Divergent meridians join the Yang regular meridians: the Yin Divergent Meridians connect the interiorly-exteriorly related the Yang Divergent Meridians, thus they are named "Six Confluences". The Divergent Bladder Meridians and Kidney Meridians deriving from the popliteal fossa, enter the kidney and bladder and emerge out at the neck and converge with the Bladder Meridian. The Divergent Gallbladder Meridians and Liver Meridians derive from the lower limbs and run upward to the pubic region and into the gallbladder and liver, then connect with the eye and converge with the Gallbladder Meridian. The Divergent Stomach Meridians and Spleen Meridians derive from the thigh, enter the abdomen, run upward beside the nose and finally join the Stomach Meridian. The Divergent Small Intestine Meridians and Heart Meridians derive from the axillary fossa, enter the heart and the small intestine, run upward beside the inner canthus and join the Small Intestine Meridian.

    The Divergent Triple Energizer Meridians and Pericardium Meridians derive from the Regular Meridians, enter the chest, cross Triple Energizer, emerge out behind the ear, then converge with the Triple Energizer Meridian. The Divergent Large Intestine Meridians and Lung Meridians derive from the Regular Meridians, connect with the lung and disperse in the large intestine, emerge out upward from Quepen(ST 12) and converge with the Large Intestine Meridian. Thus, the Twelve Divergent Meridians strengthen the connections between the Zang and Fu organs by the distribution of branching out from the Twelve Regular Meridians. They bring the Twelve Regular Meridians and all parts of the body closer, and extend the scope of indications of the acupoints (the Liver Meridian not included), For example, the Yin meridians don't run in the head region, but the Yin Divergent Meridians join the exterior-interior Yang meridians on the head, this strengthens the relations between the Yin meridians and the head. The diseases of the head and sense organs can be cured by needling the acupoints of the three Yin meridians of Hand-Foot because of the relations of the divergent meridians. Select Lieque(LU 7), Taiyuan(LU 9) for headache and migraine, Taixi(KI 3)and Zhaohai(KI 6) for toothache and throat conditions.


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