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Treatment of enteritis in children

Updated: Sunday, Feb 07,2010, 2:20:00 PM
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1 antibiotic: bacterial enteritis can be treated with antibiotics. The drug-resistant bacteria due to a gradual change in medication guide when you need to by a physician, according to physician's prescription to take. Some patient's symptoms just changed for the better on the withdrawal, the results due to inadequate medication, but chronic colitis, the course of time unhealed, affecting children's nutrition and health.

2, intravenous drip: Diarrhea of the most dangerous as dehydration, children more easily than adults to dehydration, severe dehydration can weight more than l/10, dehydration mortality rate of up to 30%. Water can be added to reduce the mortality rate to 5% or less, so the best treatment for diarrhea for trivial. In the ill, intestinal swelling, does not absorb water, drink a watery diarrhea once a child in such a case the treatment must be bit by bit, add salt water and glucose; severe acidosis, when added alkaline solution, the lack of potassium supplement potassium when the sub - . In addition to nutritional supplements electrolyte water bit by bit the water, there are antidiarrheal effect. When all antidiarrheal agents fails, bit by bit is the best Anti-diarrhea treatment.

3, food: diarrhea in severe cases moratorium feeding, so that gastrointestinal rest. Reduce illness after the first feeding with rice soup or dilute skim milk and then gradually increase the concentration. Do not fast for too long, so as not to become unhealthy nutrition, disease, in addition to still pay attention to the added vitamins. Some sick children as well as those who suffer from allergic diarrhea in need of special dietary treatment, it should be please to guide physicians. Diarrhea in children seems to be commonplace, but it is also the highest mortality disease, so serious is not her own medication, be sure to ask physician diagnosis and treatment prescription.

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