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TCM treatment of children with asthma

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 3:40:50 PM
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Cause asthma because there are two aspects, one internal factor: As the children Feipi Su true, delicate lungs, health and poor outer skin Cou reason is not compact, easy to feel the exogenous evils. Cold, wind-heat from the fur or the nose and mouth of the evil invades the human body, the lung resistance network, so that the lung dysfunction of declared fat, lung unfavorable body fluid condensed into the sputum. Spleen Qi, poor transport capabilities, the Health and wet stuffed sputum, the storage in the lungs. Therefore, the ancient medical family had a "source of spleen Sheng Tan, pulmonary sputum for the storage of the device do." Second, external causes: climate cold temperature suddenly changes, and evil will take advantage of by evil human lung V-induced sputum, airway caused by Phlegm, gas alarms against the sputum of asthma. In general, because the V sputum in asthma and outside because of exogenous, internal symptoms caused by external factors.

In addition, factors that may cause allergies, such as the sea fishy smell or eat pollen stimulation. Therefore, the treatment of asthma in children is necessary in two steps.

When an asthma attack to "urgently then treat the symptoms" in order to Xuanfei phlegm Dingchuan for the treatment of the principle of common prescriptions for Ma Xing Shi Gan Decoction, such as Tinglizi, Su, Trichosanthes, Houttuynia, large bay , silkworm, fried earthworm, loquat.

Once the asthma stop, when from the internal treatment. If the lung qi deficiency evident in children often show pale, fatigue, weakness, sweating and more easily repeated colds, should be based on the principle of Bufei for the treatment of solid form; if it is spleen-deficiency, children often show surface nothingness China, eat less sodium poor, fatigue fatigue, loose stools, or stool quantity should be based on the principle of spleen for the treatment of phlegm; if it is easy to allergic factors due to those who should be conditioning the lung function of spleen and kidney three dirty for the treatment of the principle. From the present treatment of the human body to restore balance to the environment, to achieve a balance of yin and yang, thereby enhancing their own immunity, and enhance their immunity, that is, except the so-called Su-root treatment.

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