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Prevention and treatment of chronic pharyngitis Precautions

Updated: Wednesday, May 05,2010, 3:32:15 PM
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Refractory chronic pharyngitis, the challenge is more in the etiology, pathology resembles, and some diseases like pharyngitis symptoms appear, so often misdiagnosis. The concept for chronic diseases, can be understood as a long duration, often recurrent, difficult to eradicate. However, appendicitis. Cholecystitis and tonsillitis and so can "Lian Guoduan out." Pharyngeal breathing and eating, however, arteries, How can we allow you a "side" of the, so surgery is out of the question thing.

However, chronic pharyngitis unlike some chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis and other changes may be painful. Chronic pharyngitis not to deter the air and food through, that there is no fear for their lives. Pharyngeal pain, itching and discomfort, not to mention a pain too unbearable, but the confusion is psychological torture patients. For the prevention and treatment of chronic pharyngitis problem, the following four points should be informed:

Detailed analysis of the diagnosis

Sense of a foreign body obstruction, or sore throat. Itch. Dryness and other symptoms, throat examination by what they find no exception. In this regard, said that they are not sick can not be accepted, therefore, clinical diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis little "abuse" of taste, of course, the lack of appropriate treatment, efficacy is not satisfactory. Even chronic pharyngitis, there are simple, hypertrophic, dry, and atrophy of various pathological types, treatment, of course also different. It is noteworthy that some diseases, such as lingual tonsil hypertrophy and pharynx, larynx, esophagus cancer. Reflux esophagitis, carotid artery can go far in the throat similar symptoms, which need to come to the hospital in time to avoid delaying treatment and opportunity. There is a pharyngeal paraesthesia most likely to be confused with the disease, Chinese medicine is vividly called "globus", patients felt that the globus choke swallow, spit out the no, not under the pharynx, causing such a sensation from the pharynx sensory nerve rich, but in fact is a kind of psychosomatic disorders, various inspections, of course, none of abnormality.

Error treatment useless

Chronic pharyngitis is not a simple virus or bacterial infection, therefore, alone anti-virus, anti-inflammatory treatment such as children often do not economic. Tonsil surgery is often guilty of a mistake, this is like a clean room, only to remove dirty tables, dirty floors and walls, but its as ever, it can solve the problem? Course, if the amygdala is another matter lesions Otherwise, removal of tonsils scars will increase the symptoms of throat discomfort, and this too late. Some newspapers and magazines on frequent medical advertising, said: microwave. Laser, radio frequency knife treatment pharyngitis, treatment is extremely exaggerated, and in pursuit of economic efficiency and expand treatment indications, this would lead to attention of the patients, caused by improper treatment of pharyngeal scarring can affect the secretion, like the fuel, exacerbating the symptoms.

On for the cause of prevention

Pharyngeal organs around the handle infectious diseases, such as rhinitis. Sinusitis, oral disease, aggressive treatment of gastric and esophageal diseases is important. Quit alcohol, to avoid dust, harmful gas inhalation. Regular exercise, health, enhancing body immunity.

Recuperation of Differential Treatment

A folk saying "emergency life and death decisions made and once they slow jets 100 posts difficult to cure," meaning that you can overnight decide life and death of acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis medicine even if it is difficult to quit a hundred posts, which also revealed the Chinese Conditioning also need to be patient. Effective in patients with slow because they often lose confidence, or temporarily relieve symptoms, it may Ann 1:00, treatment can relax. Some of proprietary Chinese medicines currently on the market with gold fruit drink, gold throat voiceless pills, swallow dropping pill legislation and silver yellow tablets, etc. is better. Chinese tea, such as Sterculia lychnophora, raw licorice, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, Radix, etc. The method is simple, Yao Wei is not bitter, you can try, under the guidance of doctors, of course, syndrome differentiation broth if the effect was most significant, often require continuous medication at least 50 agents, party is expected to cure.

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