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Osteomalacia is a softening of the bones

Updated: Saturday, Jun 19,2010, 11:01:25 AM
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Osteomalacia is a bone softening. When it occurs in children, it is called rickets. Symptoms include bone pain or tenderness, such as vertebrae, teeth damage, growth problems and increased fracture risk, the curvature, skeletal deformities.

There are many things can cause this situation. 1, for example, is a vitamin deficiency of vitamin D are four on the body to properly absorb and use calcium. Both calcium and vitamin D contribute to the formation of strong bones, so any shortfall may lead to bone weakening. You can have a lack of vitamin D, due to inappropriate diet and / or insufficient exposure to sunlight. Digestive problems or kidney disease can cause this condition and.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all children, since the first days of life, get vitamin D, vitamin D to prevent rickets and lack. Children need an intake of 400 international units of vitamin (international units) per day Ð. This includes children who are breast-feeding.

As more and more attention to the most recent studies have shown an increase of rickets, especially in urban areas. When rickets was diagnosed, injury is often to do so. Sunlight can be a major source of vitamin D, but sunlight is difficult to measure. Factors such as pigment levels in the baby's skin, and skin contact, it will affect how much vitamin D the body produces from sunlight. Sunlight, of course, a double-edged sword. So a person's childhood years in the sun can cause skin damage and even skin cancer later in life. Children should wear sunscreen when they are carried out in the sun. Sun, however, prevent the skin to make vitamin d

Exclusive breastfeeding of infants, but also vitamin D deficiency rickets with increased risk. This is because breast milk usually contain only a small amount of vitamin research and development, not enough to prevent rickets.

A problem with the absorption of fat contribute to osteomalacia. If the body can not absorb fat, it is a problem with the use of vitamin D can also cause kidney disease in this situation. Depending on the etiology, treatment can include the development of oral vitamin supplements, and calcium and phosphorus. If rickets is not promptly correct the child, he or she may have permanent bone problems.

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