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Updated: Saturday, Apr 17,2010, 3:16:14 PM
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Asthma is a leading children and young people with chronic diseases in the United States. In 2007, 5.6 million school-age children and young people (5-17 years) reported current asthma, and there are 2.9 million the year before an asthma attack or attacks. On average, 30 children in a classroom, about three people may have asthma.

In addition:

    * Asthma is a major reason for school absenteeism. In 2003, an estimated 12.8 million missed school days because of more than 400 million children who reported at least one asthma attack in the last year of asthma.
    * Low-income people, minorities, children in urban centers and the life experience of more emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths due to asthma than the general population.
    * Estimates that from 2005-2007, non-Hispanic blacks and Puerto Rico have a higher incidence of children compared to non-Hispanic white children.

* The estimated cost of treating asthma in those under 18 is $3.2 billion per year.
* Asthma is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization among children under 15.
*Asthma attacks, also referred to as episodes, can be caused by tobacco smoke, dust mites, furred and feathered animals, certain molds, chemicals, and strong odors in the school environment.
* Asthma can be controlled with proper diagnosis, appropriate asthma care, and management activities.

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