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Excessive pressure on children easy to get high blood pressure

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 06,2011, 2:01:06 PM
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Children, the incidence of hypertension increased year by year, parents should lead to more attention, our survey shows that some provinces and cities, the prevalence of hypertension in China has reached pre-school children 2% to 4%, 4% -9% school-age children , high blood pressure are quietly stolen the child's health.

Children with hypertension are two major types of secondary and primary. Hypertension secondary to other diseases, mainly caused by the abnormal blood pressure, such as renal, cardiovascular, renal vascular, endocrine and other aspects of the disease; with children of primary is closely related to diet and lifestyle. Obesity, eating salty, long-term mental stress, stay up late, impetuous, noise and so easy to induce hypertension. Although more than 80% of children with hypertension are secondary, but a gradual increase in the percentage of primary, especially young people, mostly of primary hypertension.

Study confirmed that people who have family history of hypertension than the average person more likely to develop hypertension. In addition to genetic effects, the common living environment and habits may be a tendency to make the family appear frequently-occurring disease. For example, the parents themselves would like to eat high-fat, high calorie foods, children will inevitably eat some, this will increase the risk of high blood pressure. If in childhood, high blood pressure not controlled, it is easy to become adults with hypertension, requiring life-long medication, and even lead to a series of more serious diseases. A 20-year study showed that 43% of children with hypertension in 20 years will develop hypertension as adults.

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