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Children's colds and how to chose the right medicine?

Updated: Thursday, Apr 09,2009, 4:34:23 PM
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Parents see their children caught a cold, most of them do not care, just buy a few anti-inflammatory drugs, gave the children ate. Medical experts advise, in fact, such an approach undesirable. 

Parents see their children caught a cold, most of them do not care, just buy a few anti-inflammatory drugs, gave the children ate. Medical experts advise, in fact, such an approach undesirable. ...

Do not use cold children
Parents see their children caught a cold, most of them do not care, just buy a few "anti-inflammatory drugs," gave the children ate. Medical experts advise, in fact, such an approach undesirable.

For a cold, no medicine, to cure a cold, silence is the most important drug is to ease symptoms and prevent excessive physical exertion can be used when. Do not cold in particular, children the use of antibiotics. Influenza virus infection in most cases, the abuse of antibiotics not only for the virus does not work, the body of children is very toxic.

Parents should also pay attention to, by any Sikang drugs, doses for children are not too large, should not take too long time, generally 5 to 7 days, appropriate; drink plenty of water during the medication in order to facilitate drug absorption and excretion of drugs on children to reduce damage to liver and kidney functions.

Attention to the protection of the child's neck

Cold in the eyes of many people is just a small problem can be with its development if small problems are big problems that may arise, in particular, is still in the developmental stages of children, influenza may lead to inflammation called atlantoaxial complications, so that children loss of flexibility of the neck.

Connected with the skull of human cervical spine is called the first atlas, the second cervical vertebra is called the axis, these two parts together constitute the same ligament around the atlantoaxial joint, the main control functions of the head rotation. Joints close to the pharynx, it had a cold, the pharynx, especially the posterior pharyngeal inflammation may endanger the atlantoaxial joint, so that the neck is not very stable. If the children forced movement of head and neck, such as or reverse all of a sudden, it could lead to cervical dislocation.

Doctors advise, as a result of the disease, "favor" of children, so when the children after a cold, parents do not forget to protect the child's neck, such as too much sleep do not use pillows, etc. Once a child by his neck and restrictions, or inability to rise to a top story neck pain and so they should immediately seek medical treatment.

Attention to the matter of anti-fever children

Children colds often cause fever, which is particularly worrying for parents, so a large number of children on the use of antipyretics. In fact, medical experts are not in favor of children with fever, the body temperature immediately put down. Children with fever because of its resistance to disease is a manifestation of a fever on the temperature, the immune function of children did not do any good. 38 ℃ below are low-grade fever, parents do not have to worry too much.

Experts suggest that if the child more than 38.5 ℃ in temperature, you can eat, anti-fever drugs, however, anti-fever medicine should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. More desirable is the use of physical cooling methods, such as warm-water sponge bath, cold compress, such as.

The election administration of Chinese children's colds

Chinese patent medicine of influenza in children are many symptoms to the election in accordance with drugs, there are four kinds of commonly used:

Symptoms 1: only the general cold, no fever and sore throat.

Prescription: Pediatric Solutions Table particles.

Children Relieving particles, from honeysuckle, forsythia, dandelions, baicalin, wind, the composition of perilla leaf, you can Xuanfei solution table, clearing away heat and toxic. For the initial cold-induced fever, headache and cough, runny nose stuffy nose, throat. Take water, 1 ∽ 2-year-old four grams each, 1, 2; 3 ∽ 5-year-old four grams each, 1, 3; 6 ∽ 14-year-old 8 grams each, 1, 2 ∽ 3 times.

Symptoms 2: a cold accompanied by fever, but not serious, and there is no pharyngodynia.

Prescription: Pediatric influenza particles.

Pediatric influenza particles, from patchouli, chrysanthemum, forsythia, Folium, Radix, and yellow, Cortex, Baiwei, mint, gypsum composition. The main function of clearing away heat and toxic for children with colds, flu, fever. 1-year-old less than 6 grams per serving, each serving 13-year-old 6 ∽ 12 grams, 4 ∽ 7-year-old clothes for each 12 ∽ 18 grams, 8 ∽ 12-year-old 24 grams per serving, are 2 times a day.

Symptom 3: severe cold with fever.

Prescription: Pediatric Qingjie granules.

Qingjie Chongji children from honeysuckle, forsythia, Cortex, Qingdai, Baiwei, to yellow, patchouli, gypsum composition can be in addition to disease antidotes, anti-fever heat. For children not to reclaim a high fever caused by cold, hot sweat puzzled, irritability and thirst, sore throat, tired limbs acid precursors. 1-year-old less than five grams per serving; 2 ∽ 4-year-old 10 grams per serving; 5 ∽ 7-year-old 15 grams per serving; 7-year-old by more than discretionary or prescribed, are 3 times a day.

Symptoms 4: pharyngodynia cold at the same time.

Prescription: Pediatric pharynx Chongji flat.

Pediatric retropharyngeal Chongji flat, consisting of honeysuckle, Shegan, the olive fruit, Campanulaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon japonicus, Niuhuang, Borneol. Can Qingre LiYan, Jiedu pain. Heat applied to the lung caused by sore throat, mouth erosion, cough, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis. l ∽ 2-year-old four grams per day 2; 3 ∽ 5-year-old four grams per day 2 ∽ 3 times; 6 ∽ 14-year-old eight grams per day times 2 ∽ 3.

Experts advise: delicate organs in children, rapid changes in condition, easy to concurrent lower respiratory tract infections, such as diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. If the proprietary Chinese medicine treatment of symptoms of 2-3 days instead of reduction or increase, the hospital should be soon.

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