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What is periodontal disease

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 5:14:48 PM
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Periodontal disease is a periodontal tissues (cementum, periodontal membrane, alveolar bone and gums) is a chronic disease. Clinically, there are several different types, of which the most common periodontal ligament, also known as "Alveolar abscess overflow." General symptoms include red, swollen gums, there is pus spills, loose, or absorption of alveolar bone, teeth gradually loosened up.

The disease to slow, and nutrition, endocrine, upper and lower teeth can not bite properly and calculus build-up and other reasons related to. A higher incidence of periodontal disease, mostly occurs in the elderly, is one of the factors causing tooth loss.

Cause of periodontal disease, the motherland of medical long discussion that "renal bone health, bone possession of fine, fine marrow, marrow to support bone, teeth, apart from the bone." So that the kidney is the damage caused by periodontal bone resorption internal factors. In other words, the surrounding teeth, periodontal disease, although the local lesions, but it is local reactions in patients with systemic conditions.

The cause of periodontal disease are systemic factors and localized factors. The specific reasons are varied, such as diabetes in people, and concurrent periodontal disease; patients suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disease, hyperthyroidism, and chronic wasting disease patients due to systemic nutritional deficiencies and disorders are also susceptible to periodontal disease; severe vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin C, K of the lack of disease, will be complicated by periodontal disease; women in pregnancy and breast-feeding period, due to changes in the endocrine system, combined with nutrition at this time may be relatively less, but also easy to concurrent teeth Week disease.

Suffering from periodontal disease is another important factor, that is, localized factors. Savings such as dental calculus, oral hygiene in poor condition and not a normal prosthesis, teeth, bad habits, smoking and drinking stimulus and so on, can lead to periodontal disease.

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