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Tinnitus itself is not considered a disease

Updated: Thursday, Sep 24,2009, 4:19:24 PM
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Tinnitus, or a ring in his ear, is a sensation of noise in the ears in the absence of external sound real. Tinnitus itself is not considered a disease. Tinnitus occurs rather as a symptom of underlying disease. Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss to some extent. The causes of tinnitus are very diverse and no common treatment for tinnitus exists. Therefore, it is very important to know the cause in each case before any effective remedy as Chinese herbs may be chosen. 

   Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) may be effective for tinnitus when applied correctly. It is necessary first to distinguish different patterns of tinnitus and then select the right formulas Chinese herbal.

Some common causes for tinnitus are: intensive exposure to loud sounds (eg, work or iPod), ear infection, overdose of certain medications (like aspirin), diseases like hypertension, diabetes, Meniere's disease, atherosclerosis, thyroid disorders, etc. tinnitus may also be part of normal aging in the elderly because of the excessive sexuality, stress, depression. Tinnitus can be cured when the cause of tinnitus is corrected. 

1. Blood Deficiency. Tinnitus is intermittent. The severity of its range. It often occurs after a serious illness or overwork and is associated with insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, lack of energy, and face pale. Chinese medicine by plants may be applied include Gui Pi Wan or QiViveTM. 

2. Liver fire. This type of tinnitus occurs suddenly. The sound of May will be roaming and strong. Tinnitus may be related to emotional changes. It gets worse after irritation. Symptoms include may face and red eyes, bitter taste, headache, dizziness and mental irritability. Chinese medicine by plants may be used for this type of tinnitus is Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan. Another option is herbal Chinese Long Dan Xie Gan Wan, we do not carry concerns about its potential side effects and quality control.

3.. Kidney failure. A current model of tinnitus in TCM terms is due to impaired renal function. The theory of TCM states of the kidney is fundamental to all organs and is the source for the Yin and Yang. An early indicator of kidney function is the ear. When kidney function decline tinnitus is generally shown. This type of tinnitus often occurs in people who are aging or have excessive sexual life, masturbation. Tinnitus is usually associated with weakness and pain in the lower back and knees and with dizziness. Tinnitus is experienced as a hum, a low but constant, day and night (May heavier during the night). A drug based on common Chinese herbs formulated specifically for tinnitus is impaired renal Er Long Zuo Ci Wan. However, many Chinese formulas for herbal nourishing kidneys as Yin or Yang YinViveTM or YanViveTM May Help Tinnitus kidney also insufficient. Please take note of these remedies herbal does not apply to tinnitus that comes on suddenly. 

  In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, Ginkgo biloba has been implicated in some studies to help tinnitus.

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