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The early symptoms of cataracts

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 7:02:17 PM
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Monocular visual, in the early cataract lens of turbidity, parts of transparent, through which the light projected onto the retina of the eyeball produces double or more than a shadow.

Abnormal color: early cataract, the swelling due to absorb the moisture more lens, the epithelial cell gap is enlarged and filled with particles in the water, light is refracted as it through it, which appear colored halation, commonly known as the rainbow.

Blurred vision, inspect content fuzzy gradually, will feel the light around sometimes aperture, and the color of the object not bright enough. If driving at night, will be felt across the car headlights back too dazzling and feeling unwell or irritable. But in general, the symptoms of the development of the process is very slow, and most of the lens portion of the position and development process.

Presbyopic eye relief: part of the old people usually need to wear reading glasses to read newspapers, but suddenly, they found themselves don't need to wear presbyopic glasses look is also very clear, some old people are very happy, in fact, this is not a good one million head, this is because at the beginning of senile cataract hair, convex lens degree increasing, the refractive near point because of the change, is one of the early symptoms of cataracts.

Day blindness or night blindness: if the lens opacity in the central department started first, strong Bai Tianguang, miosis, light entering the eye is blocked, thus appears day blindness; Such as lens opacity is located in the peripheral units, dim light at night into the equator of the retina, and equatorial rods as cells of the retina is deals with liquid visual, so there will be a liquid blind phenomenon.
Eyes shadow: early cataract, the part of the lens portion is located in the pupil area, can appear before our eyes fixed position, shape, dot or patchy shadows. It with vitreous opacity cause of floaters is different, the latter's shadow is movable, although the range is not big, but the scenery changing shape.

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