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Prevention and care of patients with diphtheria

Updated: Thursday, Jan 14,2010, 12:48:11 PM
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1, more than six months children should be immunized against diphtheria toxoid.

2, soil Achyranthes root, Jianshui cup of tea. One day dosage, less than 1 years of age with 15 grams; 3-5 years old 30 grams; 6-year-old to adults, 46 grams. Twice as much water, boiling. Per 500 ml of water, Jian Zhi 60 milliliters of degrees. 3 times a day, and even clothes 3-5 days. Of a pandemic, it can serve 7-10 days.

3, eat garlic, garlic, onions, ginger and other food.

4, isolate the sick until the symptoms disappeared, and the two consecutive negative tests, and then lift the quarantine.

5, the patient's residence, clothes, utensils, shall be strictly sterilized.

6, fever, we should never rest.

7, to maintain smooth stool.

8, the sick-room air to keep fresh, but not direct hair.

9, preferably into the high-calorie, high-protein, high-nutrition food and eat rice soup, vegetables, tofu and other light, easy to digest those. Ban Anabaena, spicy foods such as irritation.

10, to maintain oral hygiene.

11, recovered two weeks after going to the rest. If there have been Qiyin failure were, then the rest time increased to 10-12 weeks.

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