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Oral pain

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2010, 2:36:49 PM
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(A) Primary Oral pain

1. The disease itself, pain, tooth caries, dental pulp hyperemia, pulpitis, fissure, and so on dentin hypersensitivity.

2. Periodontal disease periapical, alveolar abscess, periodontal abscess. Gingival papillitis, crown weeks Yandeng.

3. Oral affected skin, the Ministry of membrane, the periosteum and fascia of various diseases such as contusion, laceration, burns, mouth ulcers, cellulitis, abscesses, fractures, osteomyelitis, acute mumps, oral cancer, as well as systemic diseases such as nutrition deficiency, endocrine and metabolic disorder, blood disease, poisoning, allergies, etc. of oral damage.

4. Stars jaw joint diseases such as temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome.

5. Muscular disorders myositis, muscle spasm, and myofascial pain syndrome and so on.

(B) the secondary oral pain

1. Trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and so on.

2. Intracranial tumors, nasopharyngeal tumors, aneurysms and so on.

(C) involving oral pain

1. Dental diseases

2. Nose and paranasal sinus disease

3. Heart disease

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