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Introduction to the tcm tinnitus

Updated: Thursday, Sep 24,2009, 4:33:17 PM
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Introduction to the tinnitus

Anyone who has treated patients with tinnitus knows that despite the protocols given in the texts of acupuncture, this condition is often difficult to treat. It does not always respond well to either internal approaches to acupuncture or drugs.

Tinnitus is, by definition, a subjective ringing or tingling in the ear that can not be heard by the person he knows. Noise can be described in many ways: a humming, buzzing, ringing, hissing, clicking, buzzing, or roaring. This is often a symptom of an underlying problem (see causes above for a list).

Many people with tinnitus also have lost some or most of their audience. In some cases the hearing loss that ends up causing the problem.

Tinnitus is a disease affecting the organs of hearing. It produces a subjective noise roaring in my ears. Foot therapy works wonders for tinnitus by improving the functioning of the liver and kidneys. In the TCM website, you just need to register as a member of the MTC and then take a look at the video. In addition, you can easily learn to practice this technique to treat many diseases and keep you fit! The video of tinnitus therapy foot is successful, but it needs long-term practice.

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