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How to treat vocal nodules and vocal polyps

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 09,2009, 4:29:59 PM
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Vocal nodules and vocal polyps are two types of chronic laryngitis is a hoarse voice caused by up to see one of the reasons. According to statistics, in a hoarse voice caused by the lesions, vocal nodules and vocal polyps accounted for 20% -38%. Clinically, vocal nodules and vocal polyps more common in long-term use of excessive sound or sound inappropriate populations, such as teachers, singers, offer for sale as well as frequent crying children. Vocal nodules and vocal polyps are located on the edge of the top vocal cords 1 / 3. Where is the midpoint of membranous vocal cords. People speak, because of the maximum amplitude of vibration and easily damaged. Combined with the distribution and structure of the department's blood vessels rather special, vocal muscles staggered up and down direction of the distribution of voice, when people can not only vocal muscles twisting phenomenon occurs, but also tends to affect the department's blood supply, so that the lower epithelial edema, hemorrhage, capillary proliferation, myxoid degeneration and fibrosis and so on.

Under normal circumstances, vocal cord polyps mostly occurs in patients with vocal cords side of the sample sizes, the surface smooth, translucent gray was like a small bump or red. Vocal cord polyps can follow the activities of respiratory movement up and down, sometimes hidden in the subglottic and easily be overlooked. According to the pathological changes of vocal cord polyps can be divided into fibrous polyp, vascular polyps and edema polyps. The vocal cords vocal nodules to occur in the sides of the base at the bottom of a broader person, saying that broad-based nature of summary. In fact, the vocal nodules and vocal polyps only in the clinical appearance is different from the pathological point of view, only the amount of the difference between the two, there is no qualitative difference is of the same disease at different stages of the development process of two .

Clinically, vocal nodules and vocal polyps main symptom is hoarseness. When the patients with upper respiratory tract infection is often accompanied by cough, sputum symptoms. When the great vocal cord polyp is located between the two sides, it can lead to patients with complete aphonia, even in patients with breathing difficulties and wheezing and other symptoms. So, for vocal nodules and vocal polyps how to help?

1. Pay attention to vocal rest: early vocal nodules and vocal polyps in patients with smaller, allowing the appropriate vocal rest (less speech, or speech), so that lesions shrink or disappear. In addition, patients also wanted to change the original sound of improper use (loud, high-profile, long cry, etc.) the error habits to prevent disease recurrence. If the vocal cords a rest in patients 2-3 weeks later, still no significant improvement in their clinical symptoms should be taken when other methods for treatment.

2. Drug treatment: patients can take pills or gold throat sound Huang Sanjie balls, medicines, can also be placed in gentamicin and dexamethasone conducted inhalation nebulizer, or in the short term taking antibiotics and Steroids.

3. Surgical treatment: large or fibrosis of the vocal nodules and vocal polyps in patients with long-term, after a vocal rest, voice training, and drug treatment fails, surgical approach should be taken for treatment. At present, the patient's surgical method can be used mainly in the following two types: ① under local anesthesia by indirect laryngoscopy the vocal nodules or vocal polyps removed; ② the use of lasers in the fiber-optic laryngoscope or microwave, under the removal of vocal nodules or vocal polyps . Since the early vocal cord cancer vocal cord polyps and some difficult to identify with the naked eye. Therefore, the right vocal cord polyps removed should be the corresponding pathological examination. Under local anesthesia can not be in line with patients treated with general anesthesia should be taken to approach them surgery.

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