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How to prevent cataracts

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 4:01:58 PM
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Cataracts are the most likely to have an elderly eye disease , its great harm , serious can lead to blindness , cataracts to the lives of many patients distress , everyone want to see cataract occurs, then there are ways to prevent cataracts what does ?

1 , pre- cataract to avoid strong sunlight. When outdoors, bring sunglasses or visor , which can effectively prevent radiation damage to the crystal .

2, to enhance eye health , usually do not hand Rouyan , not dirty handkerchief , towel eye wash . After overuse should be relaxed , sedentary workers for cataract prevention should be an interval of 1 to 2 hours to get up the activities of 10 to 15 minutes, and lifted up their eyes , or do eye exercises . Get plenty of sleep , and timely recovery from fatigue .

3, note that spiritual tone photo : failing equanimity , should be broad -minded , easy to get angry ; cultivation of flowers , aviculture , fishing and other beneficial interest to cultivate character, cataract prevention to more conversations with young people , to keep cheerful mood , energy play to prevent and delay the progression of the disease .

4 , nutritionally balanced diet : cataract prevention Yi Shi rich in protein , calcium , trace elements , and more food containing vitamin A, B, C, D food. More water, eat less salt , usually eat fish.

5 , except for special treatment needed cataract prevention to avoid taking certain induced cataracts drugs ( such as corticosteroids , miotic , chlorpromazine , etc. ) as possible.

6 , long-term smokers and are prone to cataracts practice has been confirmed by studies , cataract prevention should try to quit.

The above description is the prevention of cataracts , I hope you understand , develop good habits in life , I wish you health .

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