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Hearing loss factors

Updated: Thursday, Jan 14,2010, 11:39:10 AM
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First of all hearing loss is noise pollution. With the acceleration of industrialization, urban noise, garbage, such as: site, textile, disco, ktv, bars, using headphones to listen to mp3, set off fire crackers, watching television, long the Internet and so on, in everyday life people often unwittingly exposed to noise, not being against the most serious first, the auditory system, prolonged exposure to noise pollution in the environment, will cause hearing loss, so to minimize exposure to noise in time.

Psychological factors: modern society, people of all ages increasing pressure from various quarters, the students further education, strive for white-collar job performance, our competitiveness, make it a long period of sub-healthy state, a sudden deafness of the important reasons.

Poisoning factors: is still the leading culprit in deaf children and young people is one, in recent years as people hearing health awareness-raising, the phenomenon of drug-induced hearing loss has been reduced. However, less well-developed health conditions in remote areas, this danger is still widespread, found on the current clinical drugs can cause hearing loss over a hundred kinds of commonly used ototoxic drugs: gentamicin, streptomycin, Jie ADM, Micronomicin, small plastic kanamycin, furosemide, quinine (antimalarial drugs), etc., if used improperly, will lead to a small number of children allergic inner ear hearing organ toxicity, decreased hearing, and even deafness, should try to avoid using these drugs.

Congenital hereditary factors: According to relevant statistics, the total number of patients with congenital deafness deafness accounting for 1 / 2, and genetic deafness accounts for about 85% of congenital deafness. In the next of kin marriage, offspring, the incidence of hereditary deafness higher.

Hearing impairment and ear disease not treated in time: the ear and hearing problems should seek medical advice, deafness of a different nature to deal with in different ways, most of the external ear, middle ear caused by conductive hearing loss can be treated wholly or in part by the more The key is early detection and early treatment. For example: have occurred in childhood non-suppurative otitis media, early treatment works well, but the course is too long can leave hearing disability affect language function.

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