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Early of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Updated: Monday, May 17,2010, 5:00:43 PM
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1, abnormal bleeding. Even with such a bleeding nose except a few things, basically no symptoms, most frequently the morning bleeding.
2, persistent otitis media. Showed the side of the ear discharge, tinnitus, hearing loss, middle ear effusion.
3, headache. Manifested as unilateral intractable headache, accompanied by double vision and paralysis, drug difficult to relieve pain.
4, neck lymph nodes. According to statistics, the early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in cervical lymph nodes there was 70% to 90%, and 38.5% for the first symptoms. The exact location of the papillary muscles in the sides of neck at the top of the bottom of a painless nature of the hard, fixed mass location, rapid growth. All the above symptoms and 2 weeks more, can be regarded as suspicious patients should immediately go to hospital. NPC there is a common clinical symptom is ear plugs being boring, which is the nasopharynx and related anatomic features of the middle ear cavity.

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