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Diet therapy to prevent cataracts

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 6:50:11 PM
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Cataract occurs on the lens inside the eye of a disease that can be called any lens opacities cataracts, clouding of the lens but when lighter , did not significantly affect vision without being discovered or ignored and not included in the ranks of cataract . According to the survey , cataract is the most common cause of blindness and visual disability , approximately 25% of humans suffering from cataracts. Today Xiaobian recommended several cataract prevention diet recipe .

1 , longan wolfberry tea

Medlar 20 grams , longan 20 ( just take the meat ) , boiling water , continuous service , to Yijingyangxue , nourishing eyesight.

2 , black sesame milk

Black sesame fried research into powder, add 1 tablespoon of milk taken , you can also add a tablespoon of honey, long-term drinking can improve eye metabolism.

3 , dates wolfberry tea

Jujube 7 , medlar 15 grams , plus the amount of decoction , one dose a day for taking blood eyesight can improve vision.

4 , pearl tea Qiju

Mother of pearl 20 grams , chrysanthemum 3 grams , 9 grams medlar , on behalf of tea decoction , to heat Bugan latent Yangming head .

In addition , there are five kinds of ways to prevent cataracts , everyone can try.

1 , to avoid glare

Especially bright sunlight 's ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes of the crystal , it is recommended when the sun is strong , wearing sunglasses.

2 , drink plenty of water

Body of water is one of the causes of the crystal becomes turbid , let yourself develop the habit of drinking more water . Also, the prevention of diarrhea, vomiting and profuse sweating, to avoid dehydration .

3 , protein supplement

Human cornea, lens and retina need protein , protein deficiency, prone to corneal disease , cataracts , night blindness and other eye diseases .

Recommended that people usually eat lean meat , fish , eggs , milk and soy products. At the same time , but also often add cod liver oil , eat chicken livers , goat , liver , carrots, parsley , rape , spinach.

4 , vitamin C

Vitamin C content of the eyes 30 times higher than in the blood , but with age , the eyes of the vitamin C content decreased significantly, will lead crystal malnutrition. Over time , it will cause the crystal degeneration.

Suggested that people who regularly eat foods rich in vitamin C, vegetables and fruits.

5 , supplement B vitamins

When the lack of B vitamins , easy to dry eye , conjunctival hyperemia , eyelid irritation , blurred vision and so on. Recommended that people eat more foods rich in B vitamins , such as peanuts , beans, millet, animal offal , meat and so on.

The above is about cataract prevention methods related presentations , you should have some understanding . We can try and stick to it , will be able to receive good results.

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