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Diagnosis and treatment of tongue cancer

Updated: Thursday, Jan 14,2010, 3:26:56 PM
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1. Tongue edge of tongue, tongue dorsal or ventral tongue, etc. long unhealed ulcer.

2. Rapid growth, pain, quality hardware, the border is unclear, tenderness.

3. Tongue movements restricted, eating, and difficulty swallowing.

4. Histopathological examination confirmed.


Based comprehensive treatment by surgery, the general line of the original origin, should be removed and the neck lymph node dissection, surgery before or after surgery with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

General surgery, preventive anti-infective use sulfa drugs (such as cotrimoxazole) or a major role in Gram-positive bacteria of the drugs (such as erythromycin, penicillin, etc.); operation larger in scope, while bone or both prosthetists are generally more complicated to make use of combination therapy, more commonly used are: acting on Gram-positive bacteria of the drugs (such as penicillin) drugs that act on the gram-negative bacteria (such as gentamicin) acting on the anaerobic bacteria drugs (such as metronidazole); before and after surgery patients infected with severe or create large, complex restorations can choose based on clinical and drug sensitivity testing of effective antibiotics. Chemotherapy can be either before or after surgery with the application, because of its more serious side effects, physicians should be under the direction of blood as such be applied under close observation.

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