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Chronic pharyngitis is a common throat diseases

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 09,2009, 4:36:51 PM
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Chronic pharyngitis is a common throat diseases, clinical visible throat discomfort, throat itching, foreign body sensation, swallowing discomfort. Generally no pain, systemic symptoms was not obvious, check pharynx Chenganhongse, there are granular lymphoid follicular hyperplasia. Poor efficacy of Western medicine to treat the disease, while the traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease there are obvious advantages, will now be used for many years the clinical examination of two single-recipe described below, the patient may choose as appropriate.

1. Hemp seed treatment of chronic pharyngitis 50 grams of hemp seed to make fire, add 300 milliliters of water, soak 60 minutes, slow fire Jianqu 150 ml; Zaijian 150 ml water, boil for 20 minutes juice; two fried liquid against the sooner or later Sub-clothes, a daily one. Soft per day will be 2 to 3 times for degrees, do not have to make agent. 5 days for a course of treatment, generally 1 to 2 courses can be improved or cured. This side of the Yin Huo-wang Houbi have more satisfactory results.

2. Prunella vulgaris Prunella vulgaris treatment of chronic pharyngitis to 10 grams into the cup, add boiling water 200 ml soaking, 15 minutes after drinking. Repeatable Paoyin, 3 to 5 cups a day for 10 days for a course of treatment. After dozens of cases of clinical treatment, 1 to 6 cycles of all cured. However, this prescription should not be filled with patients in the chill.

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