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Viral keratitis

Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2010, 2:46:26 PM
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This disease is affected by the virus pathogen infection caused by inflammation of the cornea. Rich shallow corneal trigeminal nerve endings, so this disease often have obvious irritation, there is photophobia, tearing, pain and so on. The cornea is a transparent, if sick, then change its transparency, the patient often complained of blurred vision. The disease generally along the trigeminal nerve disease, lesions deep violation of their feelings subside, but inflammatory lesions of the adjacent tissues to stimulate the cornea, the irritation was still evident. Viral keratitis, a longer course of the disease, prognosis, and easy to recur. Often can be associated with uveal reflected even iridocyclitis, hypopyon, or secondary glaucoma, is clinically one of the more common blinding eye disease.
    Doctors believe the disease to herpes simplex virus is a common pathogen; zoster virus, second; there vaccinia vaccine virus in the vaccine due to accidental infection of the cornea; also have affected the incidence of adenovirus infection. When the body resistance subside, such as cold or heat, are a predisposing factor in this disease.

    Diagnosis of the disease based on herpes zoster virus infection, which is the temporal branch distribution along the trigeminal nerve endings in the eyelid skin of the upper eyelid and the temporal process of the herpes zoster beaded, and to suffer from the ipsilateral eye is characterized by the general never go beyond midline skin lesions. Herpes simplex virus causes the disease, often in the cold or heat, in general, there is numbness of the mouth or nose, the Department was herpes simplex. Vaccinia virus keratitis, there is vaccination, or a history of contact with vaccinia vaccine. The above three kinds of dendritic keratitis in the cornea Changcheng, infiltration often occurs after the ulcers, severe cases are usually caused by the iris reaction, iridocyclitis, corneal slit-lamp examination after visible under a white precipitate, or even pre - Housing empyema. Expansion of ulcers can be presented discoid or map-like, a few cases can also be caused by corneal perforation, or corneal staphyloma. Secondary glaucoma and eventually lead to blindness. But adenovirus pathogens of this disease, often in shallow corneal violations, Cheng dot invasion, is generally not the formation of ulcers, inflammation subsided, are often also stayed a little bit like a scar.

    Western medicine treatment of this disease, commonly used anti-viral eye drops, eye drops with antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial or fungal infections, with the iris reaction time, then add Pupil dilation drugs. Body to show physical situation, those who decline or cold easily, often accompanied by increased exempt drugs.

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