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Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2010, 3:01:20 PM
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    Trachoma caused by different levels of early infection sensitive to light, tears, itching, foreign body sensation, increased secretions such as eye discomfort, blood vessels eyelid conjunctiva hyperemia, papillary hyperplasia, follicular formation, a serious violation of the cornea may occur and the corneal pannus. There are active corneal pannus, the irritation becomes significant vision loss. Late conjunctivas serious scar, so that reversing a long eyelashes inward to form trichiasis. Eyelashes caused by continuous friction between the cornea corneal haze, white scar, often because of late sequelae, such as entropion, trichiasis, corneal ulcers and dry eye and other symptoms more obvious and seriously affect the vision.

    The main clinical manifestations

    1. Acute or sub-acute phase: the incubation period 5 to 12 days, mainly in the children and teenagers, often eye disease. There are tears, photophobia, foreign body sensation and other symptoms. Viscous secretions, conjunctival hyperemia significantly, nipple hyperplasia, covered from top to bottom Qionglong Bu conjunctival follicles. Can be combined corneal dermatitis. The acute phase may from time to scar left by cured.

    2. Chronic phase: acute phase after a ~ 2 months into the year that is. Conjunctival congestion mitigation, significantly filthy hypertrophy, papillary hyperplasia. Follicles vary in size. Follicles on the upper eyelid and the upper edge of the fornix conjunctiva significant lower eyelid are few and light. After this period a few years or even decades, conjunctival lesions gradually replaced by connective tissue to form scar. Scar on the upper lid of the initial risk plate groove, white stripes and gradually developed into a mesh, after all the scars and visible white. The early stage of disease at the top of conjunctival blood vessels penetrated from the corneal limbus, the re-those such as Vertical Blind-like, called sand cornea pannus.

    3. Staging

    Phase I: to view, ie active phase. Nipple follicles co-exist, the dome conjunctiva blurred, there is corneal pannus.
    Phase Ⅱ: catagen. Since the scar began to appear, leaving only a few activities to the lesion.
    Phase Ⅲ: Full statement scarless period. Activities lesions completely disappeared, replaced by scar. This period is no longer contagious.

    Diagnosis of the disease 1. Early diagnosis of trachoma is more difficult, and sometimes only under the "suspected trachoma," diagnosis. Under the upper eyelid margin and on the board conjunctival fornix cloudy, hypertrophy, vascular Traveling unclear, nipple hyperplasia, follicular integration, pannus, strip or mesh that is diagnosed as trachoma scars. Such as conjunctival smears confirmed the presence of inclusion bodies, can be diagnosed.

    Disease Identification

    (1) chronic follicular conjunctivitis: follicular more common in the next Qionglong Bu and lower palpebral conjunctiva, follicular form small, uniform size arranged in neat rows, not fusion, no scar, no pannus.
    (2) The inclusion conjunctivitis: conjunctival follicles in order to lower eyelid to significantly under the dome, there is no pannus and scar.

    Traditional Chinese medicine: The disease is the equivalent of Chinese medicine practitioners pepper sores, and millet sore areas. The disease with Chinese medicine treatment, particularly in the acute sub-acute phase, to be received by good effect.
    (1) wind-heat Piansheng: ocular itching Shibuya, wind tears out, eyelid small particles have arisen within the rule law: scattered wind heat.

    (2) stomach heat Sheng: astringent tickle heavy, gum tears are many and glue stick, a shame-Ming difficult to open eyes, the eye within the red red, fuzzy context, particle large, constipation, mamillata moss yellow, slippery pulse number. Governing law: clear the spleen and stomach, expelling wind evil.

    (3) Blood Heat Yongsheng: eye irritation, tearing burning, astringent shame Chen Ming, tears gum, adhesives, particle numerous eyelid, and even made films, color red red, very red eyes were black film sag. Can be upset and dry mouth, red tongue, rapid pulse. Governing law: Liangxue scattered silt heat.

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