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The clinical manifestations of acute dacryocystitis

Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2010, 2:53:34 PM
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1, often the history of chronic dacryocystitis.

2, the Department of a high degree of lacrimal sac red, swelling, heat, pain, severe cases, ipsilateral facial swelling nose, ears before and submandibular lymph node enlargement, tenderness, accompanied by fever, general malaise.

3, abscess, perforation of the skin, can form lacrimal sac fistula.

Clinical manifestations:

1, local: lacrimal sac in local tissue manifestations of acute cellulitis, congestion, swelling, fever Ju Teng, in serious cases can cause swelling of the lower eyelid and the bridge of the nose Division, conjunctival congestion and edema, lacrimation increased, following the formation of abscess, may have fluctuations, If the skin is pierced the formation of fistula. After the inflammation subsided through the fistula, pus or nasal discharge from the screen.

2, body: the body with fever, such as increased blood, headache, mandibular lymph nodes and swollen pre-auricular lymph nodes, tenderness and discomfort.

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