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Red-eye syndrome symptoms and treatment methods

Updated: Friday, Dec 18,2009, 1:40:29 PM
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Red-eye syndrome or acute (catarrhal) conjunctivitis, usually 1-2 days after infection of bacterial disease, the majority of eyes at the same time the incidence. Its characteristics are significant conjunctival congestion and a large number of mucopurulent secretions. Children with early disease may have foreign body sensation, photophobia and so on, the resulting face, eye irritation, conjunctival hyperemia, was bright red, and a large number of viscous purulent secretions, get up early when on the lower eyelid lashes are often secreted objects stick together, his eyes opened easily. The children can also be accompanied by severe fever, fatigue and other systemic symptoms. Red eye generally does not affect vision, and sometimes a lot of stick because of purulent secretions adhere to the corneal surface, there may be a temporary blurred vision and will of the wipe, the symptoms disappear.

Although red eye is a common eye disease, it can not ignore it. Because of infectious, treatment should take positive and thorough measures. Once the illness, immediate treatment, but can not be interrupted, the symptoms disappeared completely after about one week consolidation therapy needed to prevent recurrence. Specific treatment steps include the following aspects:

1, pay attention to maintaining eye clean: As the eye secretions and more can be used saline flush eyes 2-3 times a day, or anti-inflammatory cotton swab gently scrub. Secretions decrease, which should stop flushing, since flushing may be tears diluted, thus reducing the role of the tear sterilization, destruction of natural resistance.

2, local drug treatment: during the day with antibiotic eye drops, according to the severity, may be every 2-3 hours, or even hourly. Commonly used ophthalmic drugs are rifampicin, lincomycin, hydroxyl benzyl zole, etc.. Tu antibiotic ointment at night before going to sleep, such as chlortetracycline, erythromycin and so on. When using the eye ointment so that drugs can stay longer in the eye to maintain efficacy and avoid the eyelids stick together by secretions.

3, when the concurrent viral infection, the need to use anti-virus plus eyedrops, such as ribavirin, idoxuridine, etc..

4, the symptoms disappeared about a week to continue medication to prevent relapse, medication can reduce the frequency of 2-3 times per day.

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