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How to treat chronic dacryocystitis?

Updated: Friday, Dec 18,2009, 1:29:59 PM
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Chronic dacryocystitis is a chronic inflammatory eye diseases, is due to lacrimal duct obstruction, tears can not flow through the nasal lacrimal sac results, can be taken to surgery. If we are not eager to do eye surgery, you can drip with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory eye drops. It is noteworthy that, due to the presence of dacryocystitis, lacrimal sac inside the store with a large number of pathogenic bacteria, these bacteria can do other eye surgery through the incision into the eye will bring the risk of blindness. So, if the required eye surgery, you must first address the problem dacryocystitis, for example, inflammation of the lacrimal sac through the surgical removal (excision of lacrimal sac), then the Department can consider doing the other eye surgery.

If the age of patients suffering from dacryocystitis not too large, or surgery to bring the body to withstand the discomfort, it can be done without removal of lacrimal sac approach, but to do another surgery - diversion surgery. Through the nose to open the bone between the lacrimal sac to the nasal cavity wall, this operation is called "rhinodacryocystostomy" so that surgery can give patients not only to solve the problem pus, but also to solve the problem tears, is the chronic lacrimal sac inflammatory treatment of the best surgery.

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