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How to self-treatment of red-eye syndrome

Updated: Friday, Dec 18,2009, 1:43:37 PM
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To keep the eye clean

When suffering from acute conjunctivitis due to eye secretions more, we can not rely solely on medication. Eye Care carefully kept clean and very important, with normal saline or 3% of the boric acid solution or eye wash bath, and then trickle eyedrops can fully play its efficacy.

The initial cooling, caution hormones eyedrops

The beginning of acute conjunctivitis should be cold when the eye to help swelling back red. On the contrary, hot pack will make eye hyperemia, inflammation may spread complications. In the inflammation has not been controlled, hanged hormones eyedrops, viral conjunctivitis eyedrops taboo hormones. Therefore, the use of hormones ophthalmic ophthalmologist should follow the recommendation or not, do not own use.

Dark to avoid heat, use less eye

Patients with severe acute conjunctivitis photophobia tears, to alleviate the discomfort, to avoid light and heat stimulation. Do not barely read or watch television, go out when wearing sunglasses, avoiding the sun, wind, dust and other incentives. In order to discharge unobstructed eye secretions, reduce local temperature is not conducive to the growth of bacteria breeding, eye goggles must not bandaging or wear.

Antibiotics eyedrops

Effect of antibiotics on bacterial conjunctivitis better Although there is no effect on viral conjunctivitis, but the role of the prevention of bacterial infection. Commonly used are 0.25% of chloramphenicol eye drops and erythromycin or tetracycline eye ointment. Viral conjunctivitis may also be used moroxydine hydrochloride eye drops, ring cytidine or Idoxuridine eye drops, and a variety of anti-viral agents in eye drops.

Medication in accordance with doctor's advice

Eye drops every 1-2 hours usually drops once a drip 1-2 drops per eye, because the role of the general maintenance of eye drops for 30 minutes, too frequent or too infrequent Dropping are not suitable. Coated with the eye ointment before going to bed, but also to prevent the adhesive in the conjunctival sac conjunctival secretions inside. Whether someone should be special eye drops or eye ointment to prevent cross-infection or spread of eye disease.

If the condition did not improve after the treatment at home, or that there is significant systemic symptoms such as headache, fever, etc., suggesting that there may be complications, should see an ophthalmologist immediately.

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