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How to care for red eyes

Updated: Friday, Dec 18,2009, 1:37:02 PM
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"Red eye" is due to bacterial or viral infections caused by acute infectious disease, medicine known as "acute conjunctivitis." Conjunctiva is the white of the eye and eyelid smooth and transparent layer on the film, if this layer of conjunctiva occurred in acute inflammation, you have acute conjunctivitis. First eye redness, eye secretions increase, especially in the morning, the upper and lower lids often stick, his eyes are fever, pains You Yang, eyelids into the sand where it seems like not comfortable, still afraid of light, tears, It is very hard to accept.

Good hair red eyes in the late spring, early summer, usually with the "red eye" patients share towels, washbasin, wash items such as water and a handkerchief to spread. Sometimes the patients come into contact with other items, such as pillows, quilts, clothing, door handles, telephones, remote control, etc. may be contaminated with bacteria.

Once suffering from "red eye", as soon as possible to the hospital for examination, specifically the type of pathogenic microorganisms, select the appropriate antibiotics. Effects of antibiotics on bacterial conjunctival excellent Although there is no effect on viral conjunctivitis, but the role of the prevention of bacterial infection. Whether someone should be special eye drops or eye ointment to prevent cross-infection.

In addition to receiving medical treatment, but also learn self-care. To keep clean because of acute conjunctivitis eye when the eye secretions more, we can not rely solely on medication. Eye care carefully, kept clean is very important.

The initial cooling, used with caution hormones eyedrops in acute conjunctivitis are advised to make the early cold eye to help swelling back red. On the contrary, hot pack will make eye hyperemia, inflammation may spread complications. In the inflammation has not been controlled, hanged hormones eyedrops, viral conjunctivitis eyedrops banned hormones. Therefore, the use of hormones ophthalmic ophthalmologist should follow the recommendation or not, do not own use.

Dark to avoid heat, use less eye patients with severe acute conjunctivitis photophobia tears, in order to alleviate the discomfort, to avoid light and heat stimulation. Do not barely read or watch television, go out when wearing sunglasses, avoiding the sun, wind, dust and other incentives. In order to make eye secretions and discharges flow, reduce local temperature is not conducive to the growth of bacteria breeding, eye goggles must not bandaging or wear.

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