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Updated: Friday, Nov 27,2009, 10:34:54 PM
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Our eyes, especially the cornea part of the lacrimal gland often have to rely on the supply of water, through the blink of an eye, and tears into a layer of "tears" scattered to the cornea to keep the eye comfortable. Otherwise, it is easy to suffer from dry eye syndrome. Manufacturing and evaporation of tears for about the same, so the lacrimal gland can not produce enough tears, is to stop the occurrence of dry eye among the key factors.

"Tears," divided into three layers, the outermost layer is oily, the middle is a water-based, most within a viscous layer. Under normal circumstances, the liquid content of this three-tiered equal. If there is uneven phenomenon, such as a layer in which a combination of partial liquid enough cornea surface will be a "dry point" and finally the formation of dry eye syndrome.

"Tears" occurred obstacles, beginning with the eyes become dry, this is only minor effects, if not given treatment, can bring chronic inflammation and red-eye. Finally, the gradual loss of transparency of the cornea to become opaque, visual impaired. Serious condition, it can cause blindness. Common symptoms of dry eye patients who have "dryness, itching, trachoma flu, burning sensation, eyes feeling the pressure, fatigue, sensitivity to light blink of an eye, the eyelashes and eye adhesion phenomena occur.

What factors cause dry eye syndrome? Dry eye can lead to quite a number of factors, including: middle age or beyond, the eyes produce less tears; eye diseases such as corneal degeneration, blepharitis, trachoma (granulocyte conjunctivitis), etc.; a variety of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Mikulic syndrome (chronic lymphocytic lacrimal and salivary gland swelling), multiple arthritis, lupus erythematosus, Siyegelun syndrome (mostly occurs in middle-aged or older women, also known as the arthritis, dry eyes and dry mouth syndrome), thyroid disorders, diabetes, skin diseases, etc.; menopause caused by hormonal imbalance; stroke caused by nerve paralysis; caused by certain drugs, such as birth control pills, sleeping pills, sedatives, cough medicine, stomach medicine, etc.; malnutrition; environmental effects, such as hot, dry wind, air conditioners and so on, such as dust, smoke, etc.; long front of the computer screen work; long-term use some kind of eye drops, eye drops, such as vasoconstriction.

Need to remind everyone that when you concentrate on work or absorbed into a computer screen at work, followed by reduction in the number of times you blink of an eye. We recommend that you more than wink to ensure that "tear film" of water can spread to the cornea to prevent dry eyes.

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