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Chronic dacryocystitis should do to prevent?

Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2010, 2:51:27 PM
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Chronic dacryocystitis should do to prevent?

Note that the eye health, evil in-depth anti-virus or diseased repeated, periodic eye exams.

Serious illness of the pepper sore, red and watery eye disease and the line should pay attention to check whether surgical patients suffering from this disease for early detection and timely treatment.

Sunburn Bo Guo Ji eat spicy food such as irritant, in particular, is a prime suffering from eye diseases, and even more need to pay attention to avoid stomach simmers hot and humid, triggering eye.

A timely and thorough treatment of trachoma, blepharitis endures eye inflammation, do not give bacteria an opportunity to exploit.

There is deviation of nasal septum, inferior turbinate hypertrophy or chronic rhinitis were treated as soon as possible.

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