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Adverse psychological impact on visual acuity

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 17,2009, 11:22:41 AM
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Psychologists and ophthalmic experts on 4000 sample survey of young people with myopia study results showed that: two thirds of young visually impaired and psychological factors. Scientists through the analysis found that adverse psychological factors lead to vision loss Generally, there are three types:

1. Conditions have the type: they decreased vision at the same time, in order to alleviate the psychological pressure on parents and teachers to seek the sympathy and understanding, often with unclear eyes as an excuse to avoid the arduous task of learning. Most of them are afraid of learning, often see things in the dark, resulting in decreased visual acuity, and then often as a means of escape learning. Young people of such vision loss or even a denial-of classes, headache, vomiting, and a series of bite characteristics.

2. Eyewear desire Type: their psychological visual impairment usually presents: lips do not say, but really want to wear glasses, so I often declare before the people of poor eyesight. Therefore, they are often not the myopia and the chaos of others wearing glasses, over time, and slowly developed into a short-sighted.

3. Tension-type: Performance of some young people had a slight short-sighted, they wear glasses completely avoidable vision to continue to diminish, but fearful of wearing glasses, a reference to wearing glasses on the fear, the thought of wearing glasses on the heart tension . So long refused to wear glasses or secretly cast off the glasses, resulting in decreased vision.

In addition, the adverse family environment also affects children's eyesight. Marital discord and tension between parents and their children, parents abuse their children, you will have visual impairment in children, primarily common in preschool children, and often ignored. Adults with mental vision is also related to central retinal, choroidal lesion is a relatively common eye diseases, and mental patients to be comforting, the eye may be cured, but there are a small number of patients with long treatment resulting in blindness. Daily life, there is a blind eye ever cried because of grief over the incident.

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