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What is the defect of immune function

Updated: Friday, Jul 15,2016, 2:51:35 PM
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There may be a lot of people don't know immune deficiency is a kind of what kind of disease, in fact, it mainly refers to is the body's immune system appeared some problems, resulting in some functions have no way to normal operation. Here we talk about what is immune function defect.

First: immune deficiency is a result of the body's immune system development defects or immune response barriers resulting in low immunity of the human body, the clinical manifestations of recurrent infection or serious infectious diseases. Immune deficiency is divided into primary and secondary two categories. The former is mainly found in infants and children. Such as children born after repeated infection, should go to the hospital to check the immune function.

Second: the body's internal response to a variety of stimuli or the ability to respond, the body is a protective reaction of the body. The immune role is to identify and eliminate the material, in order to maintain the body's physiological balance and stability of the state. The immune response is beneficial to the body under normal circumstances, but it can be harmful in certain conditions.

Third: immune to the main function is to remove pathogens or antigens, anti infective process performance; clear the body aging, cell degeneration and some waste of material composition, is to maintain the balance of internal environment stable performance; immune surveillance, eliminate cell degeneration, many see the elimination of cancer cells.

Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the disease, pregnant women during pregnancy must on time for production inspection, and during this period do not do some can not do things, for example, smoking, drinking and taking medications, the behavior is very dangerous.

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