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What is the cause of diabetes

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 02,2016, 1:56:01 PM
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Many old people suffer from diabetes, diabetes treatment is very troublesome, so know how to prevention is very important, the following will tell you what the situation will lead to diabetes.

First of all, because diabetes is a metabolic disease caused by defects and / or insulin action disorder characterized by hyperglycemia and insulin secretion. Long term sustained hyperglycemia and metabolic disorders can lead to body tissues and organs, especially the eyes, kidney, cardiovascular and nervous system damage and dysfunction and failure. Severe cases can cause dehydration, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and other acute complications of diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar coma.

Second, excessive intake, reduced physical activity obesity of type II diabetes is the main environmental factors, with type II diabetes susceptibility to individual morbidity.

Finally, people with diabetes should be timely treatment, can choose insulin therapy, oral hypoglycemic drugs can also.

Suffering from diabetes, don't eat too much salt, oil, usually to quit smoking, do not eat fruit, fruit contains a lot of fructose and glucose.

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